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New Life To Retro Style

by on February 23, 2018

New Life To Retro Fun

Browsing through my Facebook feed like so many people like to do on their downtime, I came across an interesting video that featured a company entitled 1Up Forge. 1Up Forge’s focus is to take old recycled video game parts, accessories, and really anything from the past of geek and turn it into fashionable and stylish household objects. Their inventory ranges from all kinds of items such as Lamps, Docking Stations for phones, Necklaces, Keychains and more.

Story and Background

According to Jeff, the owner for 1Up Forge “I am an avid old school gamer who spent many hours as a child playing the Atari 2600. When I wasn’t grasping that joystick with one orange button I would have my hands filled with pencils and paper.” Jeff grew up just like any of us did glued to the TV Screen playing and conquering video games and developing his love for the games. Artistic, inventive, and beyond creative Jeff took that love and turned it into pieces of artwork with function and form that is stylish and geek at the same time. Below are just a few products of many from his website.

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To find out more about Jeff’s amazing products, head on over to his website at 1Up Forge. Click HERE to check out his amazing collection. His work is truly amazing, and the hard work and dedication you can tell definitely pays off.



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