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Xbox All Access is Here

by on August 27, 2018

Have you been thinking that you could use an Xbox One S or Xbox One X in your life but do not want to shell out the cash up front for it?  Microsoft now appears, with the help of Dell Financing, to have you covered.  You can get your hands on a shiny new Xbox One S or X along with subscriptions to Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass for $22 and $35 a month, respectively.

It actually does work out to a decent deal, at least for the Xbox One S. The Xbox One S model is a 1TB model which retails for $260 on Amazon right now. Doing the math:

  • Xbox Live Gold is $60/year, or $5/month
  • Xbox Game Pass is $10/month

That leaves $7/month for the console which works out to $168 total over 2 years for a $260 console.

The Xbox One X is retailing for $488 on Amazon right now, and the $20/month above the subscriptions you pay works out to $480, so not so incredible of a deal here.  However, the 0% financing is attractive if you do not have the cash to spend right now.

Of course, this is only good if you walk into a Microsoft Store, it is not available online.  It also requires you to qualify for Dell Financing, so a credit check awaits you as well.

With some of the recent developments in leasing cloud computing to perform your gaming, perhaps we will see consoles go to this model.  Surely Microsoft has done the math and is thinking that they will boost sales, especially of lucrative software which makes up for any loss that they may incur on the hardware, in particular, the Xbox One S.

For more information, visit Microsoft’s Xbox All Access page.


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