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What’s Next for Epic Game’s Fortnite?

by on November 11, 2017

Back in July, Epic Games released Fortnite, an early access game action building game.  In Fortnite, The Storm has changed the world, making 98% of the population disappear and creating monsters that have overrun the world.  You are one of the last remaining heroes, and must fight back against The Storm rescue any civilians who are left.  The game features a really fun mix of genres – crafting, zombies, and tower defense.  In it’s early access, the game has run pretty smooth, with a variety of builds, weapons, and heroes to unlock and level up.  I thought that the game would feature more and more content before the official release next year.  But then, Battle Royale arrived.

It should come as no surprise (considering the success of H1Z1 and PUBG) that Battle Royale has become an instant hit with fans.  Last month, Epic Games announced that 10 million gamers played the free to play mode within the first 2 weeks.  And as of today, Battle Royale is in the top 10 viewed games on Twitch.  Needless to say, Battle Royale has become extremely popular amongst gamers.

With the popularity of Battle Royale, where does that leave the original core game?  The original game is an enjoyable shooter with ton of crafting and customization options.  It’s time to take advantage of the full game and get players involved.  I have a few suggestions on how to get gamers to try the core game –

  1. Make the entire game free to play – it goes without saying that a big reason for Battle Royale’s success is the price.  We all love free things!  Battle Royale is just as fun as the core game, except we have to pay money to have early access.  The standard edition isn’t too expensive ($39.99), but it’s a very strange business model to have players pay money for early access.  By making it all free now, Epic Games will get more players in the core game, and word of mouth will take the game to new heights.  At this point, making gamers pay to play early is only hurting the core game.
  2. Continue regular updates – There have been several updates since the launch in late July, including the “Survive the Storm” and “Horde Bash” updates.  Halloween brought about the “Fortnitemares” Update, which shows the developers may have regular seasonal updates.  To entice players to play the core game, more updates are needed.  And I don’t mean bug fixes and patches.  We need regular updates with more content.  More heroes, weapons, and traps are a sure way to get games to play on a regular basis.
  3. Expand multiplayer – A lot of factors make Battle Royale addicting and fun.  A huge part is the unpredictability of each match.  But we shouldn’t overlook how fun a game can be with more players than the standard 4.  The core PvE mode should be expanded to include more players.  Imagine a huge wave of monsters coming after your team of 8 or 12.  I have more fun with a large group of friends, and PvE could benefit from that.
  4. Make it more challenging – When playing in a team, the beginning levels of the game can be very easy.  I never found the need to make huge, expansive forts in order to accomplish the objective.  With more variety in monsters (as well as an increase in the difficulty), Epic Games can offer a challenge that most gamers yearn for.

The full release will be available sometime in 2018, so there is plenty of time to make some decisions that will bring gamers to the core PvE game.  They have said in their official blog that work will continue to work on PvE and have big plans for the future.  Now is the time to show what those plans are.  Otherwise, Battle Royale will be the only mode that appeals to gamers.

Which mode do you prefer?  What do you want to see in future PvE updates?  Sound off in the comments below!


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