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Weedcraft Inc Review – PC

by on May 17, 2019
Release Date

April 11th, 2019


Vile Monarch


Weedcraft Inc Review – PC

Weed, Marijuana, Mary Jane, Pot, Chronic, Ganga, Grass, Cannabis…No matter what you call it, or if you’re in support of legalizing it or not, Cannabis is an extremely hot topic these days. So when the announcement of Weedcraft Inc came through of course I was curious about it. A simulation game based around growing, and selling Cannabis. I wasn’t sure what to expect, is this a pro-marijuana campaign? Would it be political at all? Once I finally got my hands on it and streamed it a bit, the reactions from myself and viewers were the same. We were pleasantly surprised with Weedcraft Inc.

Weedcraft Inc is in fact all about growing cannabis plants, then selling them. you’re teamed up with your brother and you’re broke. Quick easy money right? Not so much. For being a business tycoon game it hits some serious issues around the plant and actual real-life hiccups. The game starts you off slow, explaining how to plant, the light needed, the soil is needed, trimming the plant as it grows, then eventually harvesting the plant. What’s next? Of course, selling it. Again, not that easy, only certain type of people enjoy certain strands of Cannabis. After a couple of hours in the game, it takes off. You’re upgrading pots, soil, lighting, fans, exhaust to give your plants the best possible outcome. Oh it gets deeper, you then can change what goes into the soil, nitrogen, phosphate, and potassium and such can be adjusted, the temperature can be adjusted, humidity can be adjusted. It gets DAMN deep. Oh, then you can cross breed plants to get that special strain that only you have. You finally got that badass plant? Better hope you can sell it. Depending on what selling area you have unlocked, they will only like certain types and won’t pay much for stuff they don’t care for. You can also hire and fire employees and they have their own respect and relationships. This whole aspect was mind blowing the developers really put some thought into every detail (that I know of) in the core processes of growing and selling. But that isn’t all the game throws at you.

You have rival sellers selling on your turf, sometimes with better strands or prices than you causing your inventory to not sell as quickly. You can either go out to destroy the competition or make some friends and make it a friendly competition. While tried to befriend most of the characters and it usually netted in friendship with strands traded and tips that helped me. There are still a couple more aspects, one being the law, and the other, political. The police will come to check up on you, you can bribe them or ignore them. They will come if they notice too much power consumption, not venting properly and the smell is getting strong. You really need to balance this as you will have a lot on your hands already to deal with. Lastly, you have political. Do you want to keep growing and selling illegally? Do you want to take the steps to legalize it? THIS IS ALL STUFF THEY PUT INTO THE GAME!

Graphically it has a realistic cartoon design. The characters have their own style, clothing, tattoos, hairstyles, it really brought each character it’s own…character. It also allowed to help you gain their friendship but answering questions, you can guess correctly by just looking at their body type. I did enjoy the graphical changes within the game’s upgrades and strains of plants, everything looked and felt different and eventually I was about to boast about my plant’s names just by looking at the color of the leaves and buds growing. Oh, and the soundtrack, let’s not forget that. The soundtrack fits the game perfectly and you can even find the soundtrack on Spotify if you’re interested.

Weedcraft Inc may not appeal to all gamers due to its content. Though business tycoon simulation fans should “toke” (sorry) a look at what Vile Monarch brings to the table. Although it may not be perfect, it’s damn close.

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Editor’s Note:  GameOctane editor Jason Germino received a code for review and to share his experiences with the GameOctane audience.  

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+ Deep growth and sales system
+ Light story and characters help move the game along.
+ The upgrades to your grow area are visible
+ Amazing soundtrack
+ Hits the social and political issues surrounding Cannabis


- Kind of wish there was a sandbox mode

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Weedcraft Inc may not appeal to all gamers due to its content. Though business tycoon simulation fans should "toke" (sorry) a look at what Vile Monarch brings to the table. Although it may not be perfect, it's damn close. 

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