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Warhammer: Chaosbane First Impressions

by on March 27, 2019

Warhammer: Chaosbane First Impressions

I got lucky enough to be able to get hands-on with the closed beta of Warhammer: Chaosbane before it ended on March 13th. I do want to apologize for taking so long to get this written. Life has been hitting hard lately. So how is Warhammer: Chaosbane? To put it shortly, it was pretty friggin fun!

The closed beta was very limited in different ways, only two of the classes were available to play out of the four and obviously many features aren’t ready to play at this point in the game. But I was taken back by the details I was able to see already in the game. The characters, the backdrops, shadowing, they were fairly impressive for a closed beta.  You can see from the above video I created, the lighting pulses with the giant lanterns, but not only that, with your spells for the High Elf also illuminates the environment as well. Hell even the ‘level up light’ and engulfs you lights the area up. I’m looking forward to seeing what other details and areas this game has in store for us.

The gameplay was reactive and working great for a top-down action game such as this. The skills are easy to set off and fairly detailed. Detailed, for example, the High Elf’s second skill I picked up allowed you to drag your mouse around and the orb would track that. That particular skill is a secondary function of the primary skill where it just shoots the orb out in a straight line. I loved this because I instantly thought about how badass that is going to be in a coop game, especially if you team up with someone jumping in and allowing you to sit back and drop that DPS from afar. With most things being locked, how many other skill or spells had secondary functions like that? It’s definitely worth getting excited about!

Shoot, overall, I’m pretty damn excited to see where this game goes. Warhammer fans should be stoked to get a top-down action game like this to expand that already amazing lore. Fan of the genre should also put this on their 2019 purchase radar.

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