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War Selection Preview – PC

by on October 24, 2019

War Selection Preview – PC

As an RTS fan, hearing of the features of the new Early Access War Selection. There was some excitement no doubt. I mean 62 players in an online battle? That’s insane!! War Selection is a “historical” RTS where you start in the stone age and by gathering resources and researching technology to get into the next ages to get the edge on your opponents. I put the word historical in quotes as though you are using technology that is historical, there really isn’t a historical time frame, they are more advancement levels than anything.

The gameplay is what you’d expect from most RTS games. You start with a base, you create workers, gather resources, start an army, and start your conquest. Everything flows fairly well. Creating units is easy, as well as buildings. You’ll need workers to build the buildings as well so you’ll need to manage that as well. What I did enjoy was the game alerting you if there was an upgrade to a building when you advanced in the ages. Sometimes when you have a lot of buildings you can forget sometimes that you haven’t upgraded them. War Selection will pop that right up on the right-hand side showing you have buildings that have not been brought into the current age yet.

One thing that surprised me was exploring, it stayed true to the age. When you ventured out in the stone age and you came across animals, you can very well get your butt handed to you very quickly. In sandbox mode the maps were random, but depending on the area you played in, you’d see different animals that would live in that said area. Like boars or tigers, they would be in the respected ecosystems.

Currently, as of this writing, War Selection is in v0.23.9816. The modes currently available are Free-for-all, Team Match, Armageddon, Sandbox, and Survival. Campaign and Skirmish modes are still under development. Most of these modes are fairly upfront on how they play. Free for all and Team Match boasts 30 player online matches, while Armageddon is the 62 player mode. Now Armageddon mode, besides having 62 players, is no joke. The smallest empires in these matches get blasted with meteors as time goes on as punishment for not expanding quick enough. It helps keep the game not lasting forever and having to search the whole map for this little empire hiding out.

Right now in its current state, War Selection is starting off in the right direction. There aren’t a ton of players at times due to Early Access but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. Oh, and another added bonus? It’s free to play! You can check it out on Steam here:

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