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LIVEBLOG: Ubisoft teases announcement with lengthy, mysterious livestream

by on October 5, 2015

Video-game giant Ubisoft is teasing a new announcement with a livestream over on Youtube. Mysteriously titled “Ubisoft Announcement – COMING SOON” and described as “Survival is timeless”, this has already invoked thoughs on what this might mean. Far Cry 5? An all-new IP alltogether? Who knows.

The livestream, which can be viewed here,, features a cave-art theme, which slowly zooms out, revealing more of the overall picture. Or as Marc Schley ‏(@Thyoweh) joked on Twitter:

is not going to announce a game! It’s going to be the world record in “slowest zoom out ever”

Now, go check out the livestream and see where it leads, we’ll also make sure to keep you up to date as best as we can.

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