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Two Point Hospital First Impressions

by on July 18, 2018

Two Point Hospital First Impressions

I was extremely lucky enough to be invited to play Two Point Hospital and was allowed to interview the Lead Artist Mark Smart at an event they hosted. The whole event was surreal, I was able to get hands-on Two Point Hospital for a couple of hours, record footage, and chat with those involved with the game. Damn was it fun.

First things first, if you haven’t heard, you can now pre-order Two Point Hospital, we have an announcement here. The game itself is extraordinary. It took what made Theme Hospital so great, then enhanced it. The gameplay is deeper, smoother, and still boasts the same humor Theme Hospital had. The artwork and overall style are amazing and a joy to look at. The ambient sounds and noises around your hospital are not overpowering and add to the experience. The thing is, I didn’t have my hands on the final version. It was already in a great playing version with some features missing, like online leaderboards and such.

When I jumped into my first hospital I couldn’t stop smiling. It brought me back to my days in Theme Hospital. The look and feel just grabbed me. Oh and the first time I heard the female announcer go “Doctor needed in GP office” in that English accent just put me over the edge. It’s finally here, its happening, and I’m playing a game that I’ve always wanted to be made. I dove into it quickly, knowing I only had a couple of hours with it and I wanted to experience EVERYTHING.



It wasn’t for a little bit of my gameplay until I realized that Two Point Hospital is much deeper than I thought. I was rushing through things, blindly hiring anyone and throwing them into rooms to process patients. After building a bunch of rooms, hiring personnel, placing items to please the patients around…I realized that people were dying. Wait, how were they dying, The diagnosis was around 90%, yet when treated, they were dropping like flies (and now haunting my hospital…more on this later). I zoomed into the Pharmacy and looked at the nurse. With her qualifications, she had no business administering drugs to anyone. Luckily there was a nurse available to be hired with pharmacy qualifications and the deaths stopped before my satisfaction rating plunged. It was then I knew, this was a game that was not to be rushed. It was meant for you to be on your ‘A’ game, understanding that there will be consequences for fast reactions or poor choices.

The characters themselves are more than worth talking about. Each one is unique and no two are the same (Mark talks about this in our interview). The illnesses are downright hilarious from Lightheadedness to Rock Star (Freddy Mercury similarities!). Sure being sick isn’t funny but their idle animations are amazing and worth just stopping what you’re doing and watching. The cures themselves are equally fun to watch and are over the top as you’d expect. So about that haunting I mentioned. If someone dies they can come back as a ghost and start haunting the hospital and scaring people away. You will need a janitor that specializes in ghost removal to get your hospital back in working order. AMAZING RIGHT?!



The progression in the game is great for all levels of gamers. Similar to mobile games you need a ranking of one to three stars for each level. While one star will allow you to unlock the next hospital, three stars show that you have mastered it. Each star has different objectives you need to meet, such as curing a number of patients or earning a certain amount of cash. Each level brings you to a different area with possible different climates. The illnesses will correspond to the climates, for example, colder climates can give you ski accidents, where hotter climates will not! Another great feature? You can go back to older hospitals and continue playing even with the tech upgrades you unlocked in later hospitals! The online leaderboards are going to be great to want to dive back into an older hospital to beat your friends top score!

If you couldn’t tell I’ve been beyond hyped for this game and even playing an earlier version has not dropped that hype at all. Lastly, I want to thank Lead Artist Mark Smart for his 15 minutes allowing me to interview him. He was awesome and answered my questions better than I could have hoped for. Two Point Hospital consists of 16 badass people who have a passion to create amazing games with a smaller studio to keep that old school feel where games are meant to be fun and enjoyable first. Some previous Lionhead and Bullfrog employees. One can hope for the success of Two Point Hospital so they can dust off some of the other titles they worked on that were damn amazing. Two Point Movies (The Movies) or Two Point Gods (Black and White) anyone?




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