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Tower 57 Review (PC)

by on July 3, 2018
Release Date

November 16, 2017


Publisher: 11 bit studios


In your face, fast-paced, avoid everything at all costs while watching your ammo action. If you have ever played Smash TV, then Tower 57 will have a familiar feeling.  This game takes advantage of dual joysticks to provide you with the ability to quickly unleash a 360-degree assault on the enemies that are often encircling you.  This game will create flashbacks to the days of 16-bit gaming and glory while you build up new calluses on your thumbs, running through levels, just trying to survive.  The developers have created a wonderful noir style environment, drawing upon aspects of dieselpunk.  Some areas feel grimy and dirty, and others feel polished and clean.  The music really helps to set the mood as you work your way through the stages.

The game starts off with the player picking three characters.  Each character has their own special weapon and special attack.  Some are fast-firing, making the game a bit easier, and others are slow and methodical, sometimes creating a bit of frustration.  That said, each character has one weapon with unlimited ammo and then limited ammo on their secondary weapon.  There are also opportunities to pick up some weapons in the game.

There are also options for local co-op as well as online co-op.  While I did not personally try the co-op version, I believe that it would significantly improve the odds of survival.

There are opportunities to upgrade your character as well as to replace limbs that have been ripped off by enemies. Yes, that is right, ripped off by enemies.  With that in mind, it is wise to spend as much time as possible shooting up everything that you bump into as most of those objects will release some coins upon their destruction.  Not having coins could be the difference between life and death.  Another key reason for destroying every object you find is that there are hidden switches and rooms to be discovered, some of which are required for moving forward.

In stages, you will find ammo and medical kits that are sorely needed.  There are traps setup to ensure that you lose health and while some of these can be partially avoided, this is not always possible.  Unfortunately, you cannot carry spare medical kits or ammo, they are immediately consumed.  Speaking of ammo, it is recommended to try to use your infinite weapon as much as possible, especially when needing to destroy the environment in search of coins and hidden items.  Save your special ammo for when it is needed, against the onslaught of enemies.

The game overall is great and fun, although it can be difficult.  The controls do seem a little sluggish at times and the dash does not seem to respond at times but, overall, that adds to the enjoyable stress of playing this game.  If you like to be on the edge, running for your life, and enjoying gorgeous art while you do it, this is a game that you need in your library.

If you are on the fence regarding the purchase of this game, it is currently on sale during the Steam Summer Sale at a fairly reduced price.  The Steam Summer Sale ends July 5th.

Note: GameOctane received a code for the purpose of reviewing this game. Any code or product intended for reviews is distributed to the team to review and stream for our audience.

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- Relive the glory days of Smash TV and games of that ilk.
- Lush backgrounds and engaging scenery.
- Brilliant retro-style throwback.


- Mushy controls, at times, seem unresponsive.
- Some of the weapons are painfully slow to respond, difficult when facing waves of enemies.
- Massive grinding to get currency to purchase needed upgrades.

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Bottom Line

A good throwback and tribute to games like Smash TV. The controls could use a little bit of improvement and be prepared to grind for any upgrades.

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