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My Time at Portia Preview (Steam Early Access)

by on January 17, 2018

It’s easy to make comparisons when you have a game in a popular genre.  For example, you can look at all entries in the simulation/exploration RPG genre and find many similarities between each game.  But similarities shouldn’t stop you from trying a game, even if it looks similar to something else in that genre.  This happened to me recently when I tried out My Time at Portia, a new simulation/exploration RPG from Pathea Games and Team17.  While I can see similarities to games like Stardew Valley, I found that My Time at Portia holds its own as a high-quality game that you need to try out.

My Time at Portia takes many gameplay elements from the simulation/exploration RPG genre and executes them very well.  You start the game with a workshop that was left for you by your father.  From there, your task is to take on a variety of jobs from the citizens of Portia and improve your workshop into the best workshop in the area.  This will require things that may not be new to you-you will gather, craft, and mine for everything you need.  You can also expand to create a large farm. The controls are simple to memorize and navigating the menus are extremely easy.  The gameplay, on the other hand, is very challenging.

My Time at Portia makes you work hard for your money.  Sure, there are some things that you can gather on the ground.  But the good stuff can be either purchased or mined in the Abandoned Ruins.  For me, mining was the best route because of how expensive everything is.  It even costs money to get into the Ruins to mine!  To be fair, Portia is a coastal town, so you can’t expect the prices to be low.  Still, things can be very pricey, so mining and gathering are essential in the early parts of the game.  And you will need lots of supplies.  One of my early projects required me to build a bridge.  Bridges take more than wood planks, and it showed me that Portia will have projects of all shapes and sizes.

Like any good simulation game, you will have the chance to form friendships and, eventually, relationships with citizens of Portia.  The developers created a lot of unique characters with different daily routines.  The conversations are unique and it is very fun to get to know the citizens of Portia.  The developers did a great job of creating unique looks for each character.  The characters, along with the town itself, are very colorful and vibrant.  Kudos to the team for the fantastic art design in My Time at Portia.


So where do the developers go from here?  Currently, the game is in Early Access, and there are a ton of things to do right now.  You will spend a lot of time gathering, mining, battling monsters in dungeons, and making new friends.  The key to Portia’s success is the additional content that will eventually come to the game.  For me, more areas to explore and more things to build would be the top things on my list to add.  Again, there are plenty of things to do right now, so I personally don’t need new content…yet.

Once again, let me reiterate that My Time at Portia is not a Stardew Valley wannabe.  Portia has exceptional gameplay, wonderful art design, and unique characters.  I highly recommend you try it out, and can’t wait to see what will come next for future updates.  My Time at Portia will be available for PC via Steam Early Access on January 23rd, 2018 and will be coming to consoles later in 2018.  We’ll keep you up to date with any news and updates relating to My Time at Portia!

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