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They Are Billions – Review (Xbox One)

by on August 22, 2019
Release Date

July 5th, 2019


Numantian Games


They Are Billions – Review (Xbox One)

They Are Billions isn’t just an exaggeration. This game will put you up against the billions of the infected zombies looking to eat the rest of the human race. Based on a post-apocalyptic planet with a steampunk theme, you need to build colonies and defend them from the hordes of zombies that come after you.

Just to be upfront. This game is ruthless. No tutorial, no major hints, not really much of anything. Just like a survival game, and just like a survival game. It beat my ass quick. It plays like most city builder like games. You have the main hall. and you need to balance power, food, population, mining operations, and money. Most of the buildings can be upgraded so a lot of the times you really don’t need to build more buildings, just an upgrade may suffice for a bit. You really need to have a plan in place in your head and be flexible with your strategy because you never know where the zombies will attack or when.

To be honest, I was a little concerned with playing a strategy game like this on a controller. I was pleasantly surprised with how everything worked. I usually prefer PC’s for a game like this, but had 0 issues after a couple of minutes. Again there really isn’t a tutorial at all, so it took a bit to figure out that I could select all of the farms to upgrade them at once and such. Not a single complaint about the controls at all.

Now gameplay-wise, it’s challenging fun. Trying to balance an army, defense, keeping your base productive, and working on expanding to the next resource. Build just enough so you can gather required resources, then build a wall around that for protection. Venture and clear out another section build a wall around that and keep expanding. It is a really good real-time strategy game, with a light feeling of tower defense. You don’t really need to use towers like that, but it’s an option. There are community challenges to see how high of a score you can get on a given level so if you wanted to take a break from the main game, you can see how you rank up against the world.

In my third or so playthrough, I kind of figured out what was going on. I did have it on easy so that helped a ton with learning how buildings, upgrades, and resources work. Resources are only as productive as the number of resources it says when you place a building. Try to get the building surrounded by the resource as it will be more productive. After building than, expanding a little bit to gain new resources, and repeating that for a while. I had a decent base, good defenses, and a solid army. I then took matters into my own hands, I went out and killed every zombie on the map. Did I have to? Nope. But they pissed me off enough the first couple of playthroughs to have good reason to!

They Are Billions is a solid single-player real-time strategy game. You’ll get some good hours out of it, and have the chance to compete against others on the leaderboards.

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+ Fun and challenging mix of RTS, Horror, and Survival genres
+ Good balancing between upgrading vs building new buildings.
+ Leaderboards and global challenges add to the replay value
+ Great updates since release


- No tutorial hurts a little in the beginning. Power through and learn from your mistakes

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Bottom Line

They Are Billions is a solid single-player real-time strategy game. You'll get some good hours out of it, and have the chance to compete against others on the leaderboards.

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