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The Waylanders Early Access Preview (PC)

by on September 2, 2020

The Waylanders Early Access Preview (PC)

The Waylanders is definitely an ‘Early Access’ game, but damn is it gorgeous to look at and fun to play. The Steam page lists it as an ‘alpha’. I wasn’t able to jump into the game when we first were given the chance to preview The Waylanders, so there have been a few updates since hitting Early Access. My experience may be different from earlier previewers and probably different from people previewing it after me.

First off, The Waylanders is based around Celtic Mythology. In the small town I grew up in, the subject was never touched. The Waylanders does a great job with leaving hints, lore, and a journal where you can brush up or read more on different characters you meet throughout your journey. I really enjoyed doing some learning as I played through.

The Waylanders is a party-based action RPG. It is a single-player game, so it’s up to you to manage your party as you see fit. The character creation is decent. though somewhat limited in customizations that you may see in other character creators you do get to choose a class you’re interested in. Be sure it’s one you want. This will shape your whole game.

Every character that comes to your party, you get to choose how you want them to play. This is great and it allows you to configure your party better. Do you want the magic-user to be a sorcerer or a healer, the strong guy a fighter, or tank? This is a cool little addon so you are able to build your party around yourself.

There are some things that need to be cleaned up mechanically game-wise. The fighting is somewhat clunky and the controls took a little bit for me to get used to. Then again, this is alpha, you need to expect a lot of weird issues now and then.

Visually, I loved it. It felt like a cleaner World of Warcraft where the edges were smooth and characters were colorful and full of detail and life. I was awestruck going into different areas and meeting new characters. It was an absolute joy seeing everyone and the worlds they built.

The audio wasn’t bad itself. The voiceovers were pretty well done! except that…being in alpha, they didn’t always work. Some times voice with mouths not moving, or mouths moving with no voice. I can only assume this will be fixed as development moves on.

Overall, The Waylanders is definitely a game to keep an eye for. I would suggest if you are very interested in the game please jump into the early access and support the developers mold the game into what it has the potential to be.

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