The New Nintendo Switch is Here!

by on July 10, 2019

Nintendo has stealth dropped info in the early morning of July 10th about their upcoming new Nintendo Switch. Dubbed the Nintendo Switch Lite, and coming out later this fall, the Switch Lite seems to be Nintendo’s play to move the 3ds out of the market. Coming in at a low price point of $199 USD, the Switch Lite will be filling that gap for a cheaper handheld. While to get to this low price point Nintendo had to cut out many of the Switch’s frills. The Switch Lite will not have removable joycon, nor will it have HD rumble. The screen is also slightly smaller, and the Switch Lite comes in weighing about 25% less than the regular Switch.

I personally am excited to see this era of Nintendo with 1 console to focus on, their home and portable console is now one. No longer will they need to support the 3ds and hopefully we will get some ports of the classic or late generation 3ds games. I’m looking at you, Detective Pikachu. The price point is great and I think it leaves room for retailers and even Nintendo to run special sales. Hopefully, we will see the sale price around $169.99 or around there. I think that would be very attractive to parents buying their kids a new handheld because you can snag an Xbox One S for around 200 during the holidays. Since the Switch Lite will not be able to be docked or connected to the TV at all, I would like to see the price sub 200. Regardless, that price point is great and the colors are beautiful. I can’t wait to see how they pop in person. 


Get ready to get your grubby little hands on the Switch Lite when it hits stores this September 20th!

Quick notes:

  • Real D-pad on left side
  • Cannot be docked or connected to TV at all
  • Slightly smaller screen (5.5″ vs 6.2″)
  • Same 720p resolution
  • Slightly better battery life (no details yet)
  • No kickstand
  • Comes in yellow, grey, or turquoise + special Sword and Shield edition
  • Lighter than normal switch with joy-cons attached.
  • No IR or HD rumble
  • Will function with normal joy-cons for multiplayer/games that require motion.
  • $199 price point
  • Launch date September 20, 2019

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