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The Last Spell: First Impressions

by on December 23, 2021

Ishtar games, developers of The Last Spell, describe their game as “What if Final Fantasy Tactics & Dynasty Warriors had an illegitimate daughter?” I find that that a bit off the mark. This game is more like if Resident Evil decided shooters were boring and pivoted hard towards a tower defence model of play. The battles themselves feel hollow as everyone has action points to divvy out on their turns while waves of enemies keep filling up the spaces of whatever you defeated. The point of this soulless grind? Protecting some magicians who are trying to cast a spell that would remove all magic from the area.


Story is pretty bare bones. Somebody figured out how to cast nukes using magic. This caused a war. The nuke spell run off created hordes of horrific creatures in the mostly destroyed world. A group of magicians decided the gravy train of the magical era was over and are gonna cast a spell to stop magic from existing so farmers lock yer daughters, you gotta kill things till then.

Now I understand tower defence doesn’t need much to make a game work and yes The Last Spell is still in early access but this had to be the most boring showing of the genres Ishtar Games were hoping to cobble together to make this game. A completely forgettable experience. If you are big into tower defence but would like more time plotting every single move while an enemy waits their turn polity; The Last Spell is available for purchase on steam.


*Game Octane received a copy of this game for free. The opinions in this article are the authors alone and were not influenced by a 3rd party.

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