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The Jackbox Party Pack 5 – Review (PC)

by on October 25, 2018
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Oct 17th, 2018


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The Jackbox Party Pack 5 – Review (PC)

Here we go! Another Jackbox Party Pack! We here at GameOctane absolutely love the Jackbox Party Packs, and this one is no different. Though there are some issues within some of the games, which I’ll go over each one individually, it’s still a friggin blast to play. We streamed this on release day and shenanigans went down. Like the previous Jackbox Party Packs, you can use basically any device with a browser to join in by going to and typing in the room code. If you were too slow to get to be a core player, you can always be an audience, which is also a blast! This pack has five new games to play: YOU DON’T KNOW JACK: Full Stream, Split the Room, Mad Verse City, Patently Stupid, and Zeeple Dome. Each of these games is themed and voiced perfectly, you may not hear much of it in a stream but try to take some time to listen, it’s amazing!


YOU DON’T KNOW JACK, the old classic game that started it all. This is newer with a bunch of cool elements built in. Don’t forget this is a trivia game, so the more useless knowledge you have the better you’re going to do. It does try to help those less fortunate in knowledge. It allows the last place player to handicap the other players by changing the way the answers look or even bounce around the page when you’re trying to select them. Which makes you want to beat the crap out of your friend for doing so. This one was a blast to play, even when feeling stupid not knowing the trivia until you read the answer.

Split the Room

This game had us laughing and cringing at the same time. A modern-day “Would you rather?”. You create weird situations which then the other players and audience need to choose with which one they rather do. How do you get points? You need to not make the situation so bizarre that you “split the room” and get the answers 50/50 on both options. We had a lot of great situations that made you laugh and really think about which option to choose, but some were just…wow, can we put this on Twitch?

Mad Verse City

One of my most favorite Jackbox game ever! Get your thesaurus and hide your mother in this no holds barred rap battle. We cracked up so much playing this game. It starts off as a Mad-lib (verb, plural vegetables, ETC), once that is chosen it completes a sentence. You then have to write a full sentence that rhymes with the word you chose hopefully being epic and destroying that poser you’re going up against. While your rap is being displayed the other players and audience can hype or hate your rhymes using their devices clicking the up or down arrow. We had some damn good rhymes go through and we played this multiple times already. Shit is still being talked from this game and rematches are being set in place.


Patently Stupid

This was a game I was not sure about reading the description, but holy hell were we dying. Modeled after an infomercial, all of the players have to solve a problem. This problem is created by the players at the beginning of the game. I was expecting dick related answers…I got dick related answers. I believe one of the problems was that Help! I am unable to walk and “jackoff” at the same time. I put quotes around jackoff to show that was the chosen answer…I’m sure I didn’t have to do that. So once the problem is presented, you then get to naming your solution, creating a tagline, and drawing a picture of your invention. Once you have the perfect solution you get to present it. On stream, this part may be hard, if you were playing live with friends in the same room this would be amazing. Imagine having the players stand up and try to sell their product. If you choose to present it yourself you get to choose what displays from the name, tagline, and picture. Or just allow the game to do it for you. Either way, we got a ton of laughs out of this and was a fan favorite!

Zeeple Dome

This has a great premise. Unfortunately, it just doesn’t work on a stream due to delay. If this was a live game with people in the same room it would make more sense. On your device, you pull back your character slingshot style and let go. The idea is to launch yourself towards the aliens. Of course, this is Jackbox so there’s a catch, you can only damage the matching alien color of yourself. Also, make sure you stay out of the way because you can die as well. Again it was fun, but on stream (at least on Twitch, Mixer has less delay) it was the least fun to play our of these five.

They have some great settings for streaming as well. You can require twitch as a login mode, forcing names to come across. You can make the timers longer due to stream delays as well as hide the room key to make sure people you want in are in first. The hiding the key worked great for us as we used discord as well so I had it hidden until everyone was ready in discord, unhide it and announce it via voice chat allowed enough time for the community to get in before anyone else.

I did have the game crash a couple of time in fullscreen to switch to OBS to move my webcam to get it out of the way of the UI. It crashed completely and needed to reboot. In a 3+ hour stream, it did this about 2/3 times. Also, I would like an option in the future to kick people or start a kick vote for abusive players. Restarting the game isn’t fun.

The Jackbox Party Pack 5 is an amazing party game for streamers and players at home alike. The games are fresh and fun, and the themes for each game fit perfectly. If you and your friends don’t have fun, find new friends.

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Note: GameOctane editor Jason Germino received a digital code from the publisher for the purpose of reviewing this game. Any code or product intended for reviews is distributed to the team to review and stream for our audience.

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+ Each game is fun in itself and could destroy friendships
+ 4/5 games are great for streamers
+ All characters, graphics, animations, and audio are perfect
+ Anyone can play along from anywhere


- Zeeple Dome isn't great for streaming
- PC version crashed a couple of times in stream

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Bottom Line

The Jackbox Party Pack 5 is an amazing party game for streamers and players at home alike. The games are fresh and fun, and the themes for each game fit perfectly. If you and your friends don't have fun, find new friends.

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