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“The Academy: The First Riddle” Welcomes you June 19th!

by on June 9, 2020

“The Academy: The First Riddle” Welcomes you June 19th!

I just want to open with this statement, “Harry Potter meets Professor Layton…”. I mean just those words alone, even if you don’t read any further should trigger something because that sounds DAMN awesome. “The Academy: The First Riddle” looks gorgeous, the details of the inside area of the school looks absolutely amazing to add to the experience of being at a magical school. They are boasting about 20 hours of playtime and will be on PC and Mac through Steam, Google Play, App Store on June 19th. Xbox One, Playstation 4, and Nintendo Switch fans can save their tuition for the summer!

Developer Pine Studio, the company behind the well-received Faraway puzzle adventure series, has announced that its latest Harry Potter and Professor Layton-inspired title, “The Academy: The First Riddle,” will launch June 19 on PC and Mac via Steam, the App Store and Google Play. The game will arrive to Playstation 4, Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch later this summer.

“We’re huge fans of the Professor Layton series and its colorful puzzles,” says Pine Studio’s Boris Barbir. “We wanted to make a game that would allow players on all platforms to experience that thrill of getting a puzzle just right. We are big fans of Harry Potter, so the school is greatly inspired by Hogwarts, but it’s also inspired by the architecture of our city, Zagreb. Early on in development, it became clear that what we actually set off to achieve was to capture the essence of being a kid – the feeling that adventure lies around every corner.”

The game will place players in the shoes of Sam, a freshman at Arbor’s famed, yet mysterious, Academy. Over the course of this roughly 20-hour adventure, fans will sink their teeth into over 200 puzzles and riddles scattered across the campus. The puzzles will guide the players through the central story of the game and the mystery looming over the school. When fans aren’t busy unraveling the school’s past, they’ll be able to engage in a host of fun activities with an array of memorable characters.

The Academy: The First Riddle will launch June 19 on PC and Mac via Steam for $19.99, on Google Play, and the App Store for $9.99. The title will arrive to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch later this summer.

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