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Survival RPG Outward Gets New Dev Diary Video!

by on January 21, 2019

Survival RPG Outward Gets New Dev Diary Video!

I haven’t seen much on Outward, but this latest video has me damn intrigued. It looks smooth, fun, and challenging. The characters look beautiful and the lighting looks amazing. By adding that fantasy element Outward is looking to set themselves apart from the rest of the survival RPGs.

Publisher Deep Silver and developer Nine Dots have released a new Developer’s Diary video for their hardcore fantasy adventure OUTWARD. This video showcases the variety and depth of not only the game’s environment but also the mechanics of an undervalued and iconic piece of gear: the backpack.
OUTWARD is a hardcore RPG that tempers fantasy elements with realism. The player must survive against natural dangers like hunger, disease, and the elements as well as monsters and brigands. This is where the backpack comes in; without the limitless inventory seen in other RPGs how will the player surpass the challenges that enemies and the environment present to them? The larger your backpack, the more prepared you can be. However, carrying too much encumbering equipment will leave you vulnerable in a surprise attack. Which pack you carry can be just as much a deciding factor as the weapon you bring into battle and your chosen fighting style.
Additionally, the player’s map-reading skills will be put to the test. Exploring the corners of Aurai with nothing but a backpack provides a thrilling experience that can be described as the peak of adventuring! You decide if you want to travel light or not, but you will have to make sure you are able to adapt to your environment. Aurai has four distinct regions that you will need to navigate with the help of your trusty compass, your map, and your ability to locate landmarks. The game will not do that for you. Not to worry, though. With preparation, you will be able to overcome most challenges that OUTWARD will throw at you.

OUTWARD is scheduled for release on PlayStation®4, Xbox One, and Steam on March 26th, 2019. The Dev Diary #2 can be viewed here:


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