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Supergiant Games launches Hades early-access on Epic Games Store

by on December 7, 2018

Supergiant Games, creators of Transistor, Bastion, and Pyre, have released a new game, and it’s unique in a few key ways. Unlike other games by the developer, they have released Hades, a rogue-like hack-and-slash dungeon crawler, in early access. This means they will actively be building and improving the game, but you can get in now for $19.99. Don’t bother checking Steam for it though.

The other unique aspect of Hades is that it has been launched in early-access only for the Epic Games Store. A recent competitor to try and arise against the market dominance of Steam, the Epic Games Store has secured an indie gem with Supergiant Games.

image via Supergiant Games

A few smaller details about this release is the music of the game is already available for free on YouTube. Supergiant usually places a huge emphasis on the music of their games and this one is no exception. Hades is also DRM-free and Supergiant makes special note of it in their posts, which seems like another intentional poke at Steam.

Hades is available now. Buy it or not, I would still keep an eye on how this one develops as a new challenge to the game store platform crown takes an early jab against Steam.

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