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Strike Vector EX for PS4 Review

by on September 1, 2016
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Strike Vector EX originally came out on PC in 2014 but has since been revamped and updated, think HD remake, for the PS4 by Developer Ragequit Corporation. A sort of Ace Combat/Mech Assault type hybrid, the game plays very fast and can be frantic to newcomers.

The graphics are pretty decent thanks to the Unreal 4 engine. Draw distances were fairly long, details on the surrounding objects were noticeable and vibrant without being too distracting. The smoke and explosions on your rival Vectors was crisp and colorful. Solid Frame Rate even when I had a lag spike during PvP (I forgot to turn off game updates on my PS4).

Strike Vector EX has 2 main modes of play; a single player story driven campaign complete with cutscenes that also feature some “time trial” like encounters. The story is really non existent. It gives you the barest of plots to care about who’s doing what and why and to move you along to the next mission. Characters switch sides for no good reasons, or at least reasons that aren’t completely explained, and most are one-note people whom you really don’t care about.

Most of the “cutscenes” are just splash pages of a single image with pop up text and bad voice acting for exposition. It’s not much, but at least its something The PvP side of the game is there it shines. Multiplayer features six different game modes including some standard PvP shooter types like team deathmatch, named “Squad Battle”, Capture the Flag and King of the Hill. Bounty Hunter is a race to collect the most money, which was one of my favorite modes, and Demolition where you have coordinate with your team in order to attack the enemy’s “base” while defending your own. All weapons and configurations are available at the outset of PvP so the only real sense progression is cosmetic unlocks you can buy by earning the in-game currency, called Kebs. My time in multiplayer was enjoyable and pretty fast paced. Whizzing back and forth trying to get a bead on an enemy vector and keeping watch for people trying to flank you, it’s pretty intense. I had 2 issues with Multiplayer, one was a random crash (not sure if games fault or my HDD) and one PvP match was really laggy (again, forgot to turn off auto updates) but I played about 10 matches in total, 2 for each mode and a couple more times for Bounty Hunter and I enjoyed it alot (Im not that big into PvP games)

The sound and controls are the meat and potatoes of this game. Once I quickly got used to the controls they felt very nice and fluid. Only one real complaint I had was turning speed while I was in “Mech mode”, though I’m sure there was an option to change that, I just didn’t notice in the options at the time I played it. The basic mechanics of the game are you can stand/hover in place in “Mech mode” where you take a walker/mech like appearance and can turn in any direction in 360 degrees with Right stick. You can fly forward by pressing the left stick forward and use shoulder buttons (R1,L1) to float up and down. You can also hold down R2 to activate “boost mode” where your Vector takes on a Jet fighter like appearance and you control your flight with same stick as you look around in Walk form. All this leads to some interesting mechanics in full on combat, you can fly straight toward your opponent like a jet and start hitting them with whatever primary weapon you choose, and they could do the same, as soon as you pass each other you let go of the shoulder button to try and quickly spin around and get another lock on or burst of machine gun fire if they too have stopped. Or you can gamble and keep boosting away, stop and spin real quick, then boost back and do hit and run tactics. Or go with the biggest gun and heaviest armor and just stand there hoping to down as many enemy Vectors before you need to repair. There are no “health packs” in Strike Vector, but if you take too much damage you can fly around the map and look for repair icons which basically serve the same purpose, health back to your mech. All the weapons are unique and feel solid. The chain gun lets out a nice “kachunk” sound for each round fired. The carbine (the sniper rifle) makes a big meaty rifle sounds and when it hits an enemy Vector you can see the impact. Every hit is satisfying. The sound quality is pretty good, nothing revolutionary on the music side, but the weapon sounds as I mentioned are fantastic. Most of the sound effects IE booster engine, computer warning and explosions are all pretty solid and well executed.

Strike Vector EX is a solid little PvP title, it’s not the most in depth and its not gonna surpass games like Overwatch in terms of overall PvP competition, but if you want a nice, solid, arcade like, fast past shooter on a budget, you might want to give this one a chance. At only $14.99 USD you can’t afford not too. Fast-paced, fluid action, great look and feel, intense and challenging combat with a somewhat shallow story.


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Fast-paced, fluid action, great look and feel, intense and challenging combat with a somewhat shallow story.

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