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Steambirds Alliance First Impressions

by on June 27, 2019

Steambirds Alliance First Impressions

Wow. That was a rush. Steambirds Alliance is a blast to play, especially with friends. Coming from Spry Fox (Realm o the Mad God anyone?), Steambirds Alliance is a 60 person top down coop bullet hell. Yeah, you heard correctly. 60 people going absolutely nuts on everything and anything. That also means everything is going absolutely nuts on you too. Oh, and it’s free by the way!

Steambirds starts off basic, you get a choice of two ships, and off you go. There are quests to help guide you around but really just start killing everything. The more you kill, the more you level up and can get great item drops, which in turn helps make your ship better and you more powerful. The mechanics and gameplay are simple. Kill the cat pilots while staying alive. You’ll want to stay alive as long as you can! I played on the first day of testing and played through a couple of updates before writing this. I wanted to see what issues and the direction where Steambirds Alliance was going.

The reason being is you will unlock more ships when you reach certain levels with different ships, and it’s not too easy to stay alive that long unless you’re within a group. It took a bit for myself to get leveled up enough with different ships to unlock the medic ship to be able to play support classed based ship. One of the things I recommend right off of the bat is to go through the ship classes and trace them back and figure out a path of leveling to that ship you desperately want. Remember though, you can’t die. If you do you will lose all XP, levels, and items upon death and will have to start from scratch. Though it seems a little frustrating if you die, yeah it will be, but that’s seriously the fun and the grab for this game and Realm of the Mad God.

As with most free to play games, there are two forms of currency. One you earn in-game, and one you earn by paying actual money. If you have the currency you can buy upgraded items for your ship before trekking out into the fray. You also have the option to purchase cosmetic items such as emotes, new paint, and skins! There really isn’t a grind and sell system as in most games. Once you get decent gear, just start dropping the junk off in the air. Other players could use it and help them! There is though, a trading system where you can Try to trade some rare boss items for currency!

The visuals are fun and the idea between birds vs cats fighting it out in steampunk planes is a fun idea and they do it well! The ships have their own characteristics get recognizable if you want to team up or follow a group around, you’ll know who and what you’re dealing with. I really enjoyed the simple, yet detailed artwork.

One thing I noticed is a lot of people are very helpful in the game and are willing to help out newer players. Another fun thing is that you can warp to any player on the server at any time. This is fun when a group gets to a boss and needs help. They will announce it in chat and then everyone can warp there and see if they can take down the boss. The bosses are huge and intense if people aren’t powered up, you’re going to get stomped.

Overall, Steambirds is still within beta, yet still fun. Beau and I played a bit as a team and we would pick up random people throughout the game it was a blast just roaming around and trying to coordinate as a team. The game is currently only available to play Wednesday mornings to Sunday nights. It is available to download free through Steam and worth a look into if bullet hell air battles sound interesting at all to you!

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