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Starsector – Preview (PC)

by on August 16, 2017

Starsector, to be honest, was a game I haven’t heard much about. But it had the words “RPG” and “Space” within the description so I had to give it a test spin. Developed and published by Fractal Softworks, this is an indie game through and through. You have to purchase the game through their website and download through their website as well. It is in early-development but if you pre-order it now you will get early access and 25% off of the full price of the game (which makes it $15 now). If you’re looking for a spoiler to the rest of this preview, many space and RPG fans may want to get this on their radar.

Right off the bat I jumped into the tutorial. I have to say I wasn’t expecting the depth that Starsector brought to the table right off of the bat.This could have been my fault for not doing research before hand, but I prefer it that way. The actual tutorial (not the in game story mode tutorial), was a run though on how to use your ship, fire different weapons, activate your shields, and teaches you about ‘flux’. Flux builds up when you shoot , raise your shields, etc. If it maxes out you then have to let it cool down normally, or if you’re safe vent it as it shuts down vital objects like weapons and engines. It was a real eye opening depth that this game will have by not only managing weapons, and shields, but flux as well.

When I actually started the game and started that tutorial and really started getting into what Starsector was about, I was pleasantly surprised. It’s depth, that I keep bringing up, it pretty damn deep. Not only is it a space RPG, it has fleet management and an economic system built in. You pilot one ship, but can manage many others, all the way down to the type of ship (assualt, support, etc) and its weapons. You have officers that will level as well as your own character. You can grant specific skills to yourself and your officers when you unlock them. The conversations and story flows like a choose your own adventure book, where you get to choose responses and you will get different reactions depending on what you select. Lastly when you command your fleet it becomes RTS-like where you get to direct where you want your fleet to go and what to do. I tried to tell you…DEPTH.

Overall I did enjoy my time in Starsector. I did get my ass kicked…a lot, but I wanted to see where I can stretch my skills. Oh there’s five space pirates and one of me? Lets see how this goes. *SPOILER* It doesn’t go well. The team at Fractal Softworks has done a good job so far in it’s early development release and I can’t wait to see where it goes.

If you’re interested pop in at to learn more and purchase the game!

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