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Star Wars Battlefront Beta first impressions

by on October 10, 2015

With November 17th as its release date (In the US) we got treated to a taste of what Star Wars Battlefront’s potential could actually be. Before I post my thoughts I reached out to the community and asked for their thoughts, here they are:

“The promo videos do not lie for a change. The graphics are gorgeous, it feels like your in the middle of a Star Wars movie. The action is fast paced and chaotic, definitely need some sort of coordination. I got lost for a second looking overhead at all the action above me as I noticed a Mon Cal Cruiser and Star Destroyer fighting in orbit. The controls feel pretty standard so luckily there’s not alot of learning curve but they also don’t do anything too revolutionary. Taking control of the head of an ATAT and raining death upon the rebels was pretty awesome. Also death isn’t a dragged out experience like most shooters, there no respawn timer, you die, your right back in. Also of note if that there’s no ammo counter, your guns just over heat, so if you fire slow and steady you never run out of ammo on your primary weapon. That’s it so far. Gorgeous graphics, authentic feel, stable controls.” – Troy Dent

While I absolutely love battlefront, does anyone else find the way you spawn really stupid a lot of the time? Firstly, a lot of times it will dump me right in the middle of the enemy. In fact, one of the times I died, I respawned right in front of an AT-ST and was immediately killed, respawned further away, but right in the middle of a few stormtroopers and was immediately killed, and the 3rd time I spawned and was killed again by a sniper in about 3 seconds. After that I finally was dumped inside the base. Im wondering if this is intended for the final game or the beta, as were barely a month from release. I get that it eliminates spawn camping, which is something I hate, but this kind of creates a chaos method to spawning. I also dont like how you keep powerups after you die. – Steven Kyhn

Star Wars never looked so good!

“Star Wars never looked so good!” – Nathaniel Hope

As you can see in that picture, the game looks amazing. I too got lost for a bit looking around at the air battles above me, the AT-AT walking ahead of me. I mean who wouldn’t? I AM STANDING ON FREAKING HOTH! The not needing ammo adds a fun Star Wars like element as I cannot recall a Stormtrooper ever needing to reload. (Could be wrong.) Unlike Battlefield the vehicles are picked up by finding the powerups on the maps, then you radio in the drop. This is fun and a bit more fun than in Battlefield where people would hope in a vehicle alone just to taxi themselves across the map and not actually use it. Last night on my Twitch stream I got the chance to become Darth Vader. I found his powerup on the map and when I used it I was so stoked. I was running across Hoth as Vader with my light saber, as I reached the peak of the hill some of the rebel players caught sight of me and started running away. I couldn’t help but let loose an evil laugh as I sliced through a couple of rebel fighters at the door, proceeded through the hallway and threw my saber down the hallway cutting up two more fighters. There was a choke hold but I didn’t get to use it. The special characters on the Hoth map are Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker and they are bad asses. You only get to play them for a couple of minutes before they expire and you go back to your soldier. It was ultimately glorious.

They are only two multiplayer modes available currently in the Beta; Drop Zone and Walker Assault. They are both fun, Drop Zone being a 16 player map where you have to run to the drop pods and protect them from the enemy, and Walker Assault is Hoth where the Imperials have to keep the Rebels from activating the relays so the Y-wings can arrive. The more Y-wings the rebels get the more damage you can apply to the two Imperial walkers. I so want to play other two multiplayer modes; Fighter Squadron…which is a huge air battle which includes X-wings, TIE fighters, and the Millennium Falcon, and Supremacy…which the picture EA uses is a huge battle on Endor. Hopefully another Beta drops before release??? PLEASE?

Link to the other Multiplayer modes if you are interested!

This beta is pushing me to jump on the pre-order. Its a whole lot of fun and if you haven’t tried it yet, DO IT. Download it on your favorite next gen console PC, PS4, and Xbox One. YOU HAVE UNTIL MONDAY 10/12/15 before it ends!

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