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Star Trek Bridge Crew – Review

by on July 25, 2017
Release Date

May 30th, 2017


Red Storm Entertainment


Now is your time to live your epic Trekkie Geek fantasy of running your very crew on the Starship Enterprise. The good news is that you don’t have to do it yourself. With a fairly solid multiplayer support, you can join with your friends to fill up the roles of the Bridge Crew and swap roles during gameplay. The gameplay is open ended meaning that there is not so much of a linear path you must follow. You can explore the galaxy and check out missions your crew wants to do. Once into a selected mission, there are checkpoints you must complete as well as optional ones as well.

The virtual reality aspect of the game really adds that unique experience we are looking for when thinking about Virtual Reality. My first time into the game was a bit odd but cool when I realized my friends characters mouths were moving in sync with their actual voice over the live chat. Also when they turn their heads and move their arms, the character rotates towards you which adds a bit a realism to the interaction between each other.

The game starts off recommending a tutorial mode. Even if you think you are hot stuff ready to command your own crew and rule the galaxy, I recommend that you also take the tutorial and play around with it.  From working the shields, commanding your crew, releasing fire and weapons, or controlling the ships throttle and directional controls, the overall gameplay system is fun but can be quite complex and take some getting used to.

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One unique feature to the game is the ability to procedurally generate missions. The mode itself is called “Ongoing Missions” that offers countless hours for both single player and co-op. The overall gameplay is quite challenging and I found works better with a crew of your actual friends then relying on the computer AI. When playing with the AI, I found myself jumping stations too many times to basically pull the “HEY, Move over, let me do it” kind of role.

One recent update that will help when playing with the AI is that IBM and Ubisoft have teamed up to add voice commands. This update works across the board for HTC Vice, Oculus, and PSVR.

VRHeads has a great article explaining the commands themselves and how to use them in this article..

Ubisoft and Red Storm Entertainment really did a solid job with this project. Even for someone like myself who is not really into Star Trek at all, I still found myself enjoying the gameplay and traveling space with friends and working together on the missions. Graphics overall are decent but you could tell were maybe sacrificed a bit in order to really make sure that control system was locked down a bit better, which I feel is a good call as long as it is done correctly. In this case, I think they did a good job in doing so.

Note: GameOctane Editor Ryan Welch received a copy for the purpose of reviewing this game. Any code or product intended for reviews is distributed to the team to review and stream for our audience. Check us out at Opencritic!


Solid and Fun Co-Op Experience

Tutorial Mode To Get Used To The Somewhat Complex Controls

Customization On Characters For Unique Look For Your Avatar During Gameplay

For The Most Part, Solid VR Controls And Attention To Detail When Communicating With Friends.


Sometimes the alignment for VR gets out of sync, but making sure you have the ideal setup for VR with allowed space may help with that.

Replay Value Might Not Be As Strong If Your Are Not Into The Star Trek Universe As Much As Some People Are.

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Bottom Line

Overall, Star Trek Bridge Crew is a solid experience. A couple of small details to maybe work on but these can easily be addressed in future updates. The Co-Op is fun and better then the single player missions, but single player as well as the tutorial allows you time to get used to the somewhat complex controls and help not make you look like a total newb when going into the real thing with other people online.

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