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Sony Announces Cross-Play Support for Rocket League

by on January 14, 2019

Since Sony announced its initiative to allow cross-platform play of certain games there wasn’t much news outside of Fortnite. As some may remember Sony was dragged through the mud when the Switch version of Fortnite was released because it entirely locked out Epic accounts from play on the console. This wasn’t a new thing as similar messaging was already in place on Xbox for those that linked an account on PS4. It was, however, one that became widely covered and talked about. The flames were fanned even more when Sony came back with what amounted to a non-response on the issue.

image via Sony Interactive

Eventually Sony would come to announce the Cross-Play Beta to allow Fortnite accounts to cross-play, and be accessed, on other consoles. Sony is expanding this game count with Rocket League, another game that had upset fans because it was locked behind the same Sony architecture that simply wouldn’t allow PS4 players to play with anyone on other platforms, while the other platforms had started to enable the cross-play feature.

If you have the beta feature enabled on your console you can go ahead and start playing Rocket league with PC, Xbox, and Switch users. Check out the full post from Sony here.

What game do you hope opens up cross-play next?

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