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Sir Lovelot – Switch (Review)

by on July 8, 2021
Release Date

March 3, 2021

Developer, Sometimes You


Sir Lovelot – Switch (Review)

Wait, I reviewed a Switch game? Haha, it sure has been a while since I touched my Switch, to be honest. I was more than happy to give Sir Lovelot a shot and see how much fun could be had with it. With a premise of play Sir Lovelot, looking for the love of your life…The only thing separating you two are other damsels and well, a death trap riddled path between each one.

Sir Lovelot is very Super Meat Boy-like. You play a small hero, Sir Lovelot, and you are quite small compared to the rest of the level. The traps are large and you need to search every nook and cranny to find the goose with the golden egg if you’re looking to fully complete the levels. Luckily the levels are repeatable, and the game is a lot of fun and just difficult enough to make you keep coming back and trying to beat that level.

What does cut it above Super Meat Boy is that you do get a weapon. So not only are you just jumping and double-jumping your way to love, but you can also hack and slash through your enemies. The controls through everything, are very well done. They are tight and responsive and it’s really your fault if you fail and die and that’s bound to happen. I had a blast finding my first Golden Egg. I thought I missed the jump and failed but then I went into a secret area and ended up finding the first Golden Egg and the game just opened up at that point. I needed to jump and smack into walls, thinking where would I put a secret throughout every level. There are these secrets, treasures, and shortcuts littered around 40 different stages.

But the stages though. My god are they beautiful. The art team really did something fantastic here. Every level has its own feel and personality. The enemies are very effective and look great, even the dilapidated towers where the damsels are, have their own character. Everything fits so well, even the soundtrack, it kept you in the groove with the scene and everything was just fantastic.

Sir Lovelot is a great platformer and worth a look, especially if you are a fan of Super Meat Boy. It definitely gives a whole new meaning to “Love is a battlefield”…

Note: GameOctane received a digital code from the publisher for the purpose of reviewing this game. Any code or product intended for review is distributed to the team to review and stream for our audience.

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+ Gorgeous levels
+ Tight responsive controls
+ Hidden areas and secrets allow for more replayability


- None really, unless you're not a platforming fan.

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Bottom Line

Sir Lovelot is a great platformer and worth a look, especially if you are a fan of Super Meat Boy. It definitely gives a whole new meaning to "Love is a battlefield"...

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