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Severed Review

by on February 14, 2017
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DrinkBox Studios


DrinkBox Studios brings us Severed, a first-person action-adventure touch-screen game. The game contains an unusual world, full of eerie monsters, red skies, and twisting dungeons. And though I was at first eager to explore such a strange world, my excitement, unfortunately, didn’t last.

Severed started off just about as good as I could have hoped. We wake up, arm missing, in a strange place with weird monsters. Awesome. We get a little bit of story, and set off to wander in the forest to find our arm and family. Our character is on a very creepy mission, which started off so fun!

As I wandered through the forest, I would run into different types of enemies. The game had a great tutorial to help me figure out its slashing mechanics and how to defeat its many monsters. It was really easy to learn and I was excited to continue on once I found my first dungeon.

Sadly, this is where the fun ended for me. I tried to have a great time playing this game. But honestly, I fell asleep a lot. This is partially my fault for playing at night time, but this game didn’t really keep me awake. It certainly has merit, which I’ll definitely touch on. I just had a hard time playing this game for long periods. The dungeons got me pretty excited at first, because I love a good puzzle. However, the dungeons were boring to navigate, and the puzzles were not difficult enough for me. I’m sure that a younger child would have had a decent time with it, but as an adult that thrives on puzzles… I was not impressed. In fact I wasn’t even looking at the actual dungeon as much as I would have hoped. Each section of floor that you walk is split up by a strange swooshing effect, and everything seemed so up close that different paths weren’t very easily visible. The method I found myself using the most was staring at the mini-map up in the corner of the screen, and following my directional arrow as I moved from room to room. The map also showed keys and locks and items and such, so the dungeon was very easily navigated via the mini-map. This is definitely a very tragic flaw in the game, because visually it’s so great. It’s a shame that all that hard work was wasted on me, since I was staring at the gray map at the top of the screen the whole time. I trudged ahead however, just to find that the temples don’t really get much more difficult as the game goes on. They became tedious, rather than exciting.

I had similar feelings with the monsters in the game. At first, they are really fun to battle. Each new monster has a different method of both attack and defense, and it takes a few fights to really nail down a tactic. But later on, the monsters get almost annoying to battle as you are just slashing across the screen over and over without a ton of strategy. The battles where there was a monster around all sides of you are definitely more fun, but nothing ever delivers too much of a challenge.

Overall, I think this game was just simply not for me. It was very repetitive and not challenging enough for my liking. It had a very beautiful world, great music, and creative monsters. I just never found myself wanting to spend the time to play it once I got home at night. I think had I played it on mobile I may have been more open to it, so I could play here and there throughout the day wherever I was. I played it on the WiiU, so I had to spend my time sitting down at my console to play. If I’m going to take the time to do that, I would rather have a really exciting game with challenging puzzles. But for the casual gamer that wants something to pass the time without too much thought, this just might be the game.

Severed is available now on iOS, PSVita, WiiU, and Nintendo 3DS!


What do you think? Did you play Severed? What platform do you think is best for it? Let us know in the comments below!

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Creative enemies
Vibrant environment
Good music
Slash mechanic easy to pick up


Unchallenging, tedious dungeons
Difficulty never increases
Gameplay stays the same throughout
Dungeon navigation is poor

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Bottom Line

Severed is a game that is probably best played by a kid on a tablet. It's not challenging enough for an adult to justify taking the time to play on a console. But at least it's easy on the eyes.

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