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SCUM – Preview

by on September 17, 2018

SCUM – Preview

I got some good hands-on time with SCUM recently. Have you heard of it? Yes, you can take a dump in it. Haha, that seems to be the highlight of the hype this game has received right off the bat. It is an extremely deep survival game that isn’t very forgiving…at all

When I first played, I played alone. Damn, was I confused. Not must explanation of what you need to do, but that’s expected from survival games. So I started doing the only thing I thought I could do, collect rocks. Using tab you can see your inventory, which in your prison outfit is terrible. There’s a crafting tab to create some tools. And the most daunting tab, the metabolism tab. The metabolism tab can be VERY intimidating right off the bat. There is a ton of information that it gives you. After studying it for a little bit, you’ll notice how the game reacts to what you do. If you run, heart rate goes up, your food burns quicker, and your water levels start dropping. Once you start seeing these levels drop, you know you’re in a completely different game.

You need to monitor what and how much you eat, what you drink. Exercising will keep your fat levels down and reflexes faster. EVERYTHING YOU DO AFFECTS YOUR CHARACTER. This cannot be stressed enough. SCUM focuses heavily on how you treat your character and scavenging. There are houses scattered around that can have items for you to craft or use. Sometimes you can find food to keep you alive. Other times weapons for protection, or at worse, absolutely nothing. Unfortunately, in a multiplayer server, this can happen a lot.

My first playthrough was rough. I couldn’t find anything anywhere. I was lucky to be able to find some clothes and get a couple of tools. But I couldn’t make sticks. The trees were visually there but I wasn’t allowed to interact with them. It was super frustrating then I realized that the place was looted already. I went to a secluded around and was able to craft something before a zombie ate my face. Yes, they have zombies AND bears. So not only does your body wants to kill you, you have to watch out for zombies and bears that think you are delicious. After those hours of scrounging around and barely surviving because of not eating. You die…and lose everything. Yes, you have to start from scratch.

Overall I had a blast playing it. The best time was when I was able to team up with another player and started creating goals. Do you need this? Oh, I found some, here take this. We were able to loot areas much quicker defeat zombies and heal each other much more efficiently as well. We were able to test the deathmatch mode a little but we were only able to start one because we jumped on separate teams. No one seemed to want to do that. The idea behind gaining fame points (as it is a reality TV show) can net you some good rewards eventually in the arenas.

With everything being said, there is some work to be done and it still is in early access. The 1.0 update looks to drop a ton of cool features and kick off the fun extras that are promised.  As of right now, it does feel like an early access game as there are some bugs and feelings of emptiness when it comes to some features. You can find a private server that is running 2x drops and may have a better chance at the start, but I would recommend jumping on a lower populated server with a friend and raise some hell. If this game interests you at all I’d recommend grabbing it in early access and watch as the developers mold the game to the players feed back.

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