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Salt Lake Gaming Con – The Memory of Eldurim

by on June 4, 2016

We had the opportunity to talk to Bryan at Salt Lake Gaming Con.  He was kind enough to talk about his game The Memory of Eldurim.  Check out the interview below!

Memory of Eldurim is a open world RPG created with Cryengine.  The open world looks beautiful and has many challenging combat experiences much like the Souls series.  Enemies drop weapons and items throughout the game.  There are many challenging bosses to find and slay.  There are also magic mechanics throughout the game.  Players find shards and insert the into their arms.  Once used, the player will remember the spell and won’t need the shard.  One thing to keep in mind – these local developers will constantly update the game and add new content for free.  No paying for DLC!!!

This is an early access game that you can purchase on Steam for $19.99.  You can purchase the game here –

You can check out the trailer for Memory of Eldurim below!

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