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Salt Lake Gaming Con – Legacy of the Elder Star

by on June 7, 2016

Kickbomb, a development team out of Utah, was on hand at the Salt Lake Gaming Con to show a new game called Legacy of the Elder Star.

Josh and Erik were n hand to show the game to visitors at the con.  The started coming together in late 2013, and took approximately 2 and a half years to develop.  It is a side scrolling shooter.  Everything is controlled with the mouse.  Left click is your primary weapon and right click is your secondary weapon.  Clicking both mouse buttons will unleash a special attack.  Before the game begins, you can choose a weapon to pick for each button command.  The team wanted to make something taht was accessible to anyone who enjoys shoot em up games, yet does not want a full bullet hell shooter.  The game features daily challenges, gauntlet mode, and a story mode.  One of the things I respect most about this team is the addition of modes that are accessible to people with disabilities.  Legacy of the Elder Star features a colorblind mode and an autofire mode, as well as other accommodations for people with disabilities.  Respect to Josh and Erik for including these types of features!  My playthrough was fun yet challenging.  There are goals/achievements for each level.  I was not good enough to get any achievements, but it gives veteran gamers a challenge.  The art is a lot of fun and so is the music.

We definitely recommend this game.  It is out TODAY on Steam.  Right now, it is 10% off the normal price ($14.99), but that won’t last long!  You can purchase the game here –

Big thanks to Josh and Erik for taking some time to talk to us!  The game is a lot of fun, so go check it out!

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