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Salt Lake Gaming Con – Ethos: It Begins Again

by on June 7, 2016

Hey guys and gals!  We had the chance to check out a game at Salt Lake Gaming Con called Ethos: It Begins Again.  Check out our interview with Devlin, one of the developers of the game –

We had the chance to play against a few bosses that will be appearing in the game.  The combat is very much like the Souls Series – it is challenging and fun.  The game is currently in early stages of development, but after talking to Devlin, there are several intriguing aspects about the game.  If everything goes as planned, the game will not only feature quests and fighting bosses, but players will have the opportunity to run towns, hire players to run shops, and aggressively expand your empire by taking over other towns.  These takeovers will occur in a PVP Battle Arena.  Stipulations are made at the beginning with rewards for winning and consequences for losing or quitting.  Currently, the team is still developing the game (and will hopefully have an early access build ready by 2017).  They are launching a Kickstarter soon to help support the completion of this game.

The finished product sound very ambitious and hopefully they will pull it off!  We will bring you more from the team as soon as it is available, including information about their Kickstarter.

To read more about the game, visit their website at

Big thanks to Devlin and Alan for talking with us!

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