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Russian Subway Dogs – Review PC

by on September 17, 2018
Release Date

Aug 2, 2018


Spooky Squid Games


Russian Subway Dogs – Review PC

Ok, full disclaimer, I saw a video of this game a while back and I fell in love with the idea and art style of it. I’ll admit, I was grabbed. Now I have it in my hands and damn is it fun. The idea is simple, you’re a stray dog and you need to eat. So you travel the subway with Proletaricat in search for food. You need to get behind people eating shwarma and bark. This will launch the food into the air. Now that it is in the air and you’re a badass Russian dog, you have a few options. You can jump and eat it and get some points, you can use your powerful bark and juggle it back into the air in hopes of boosting your score, you can let it hit the dirty subway floor and lose points, or you can juggle a bottle of vodka into the unsuspecting food holder to ignite and ‘cook’ the food which grants bonus points for you to eat! Feline frisky? (Feline..feeling..get it?… Yeah sorry). Juggle a bottle of explosive vodka a few times to build a multiplier then let it bounce into the food holder to gain even more points.

Seems fun yet easy? HELL NO. This isn’t easy at all. You have other dogs looking to come up on the food you’ve been working so hard to get. Stay Dobermans will get off the subway and try to pick up the scraps you miss. Oh, those cute poodles? SCREW THEM, they will jump and eat your food too. You know what they don’t like?? A bottle of vodka to the face. Granted you care for that too much either, those doggos will disappear off the stage once getting hit. Oh…and there are subway bears… I am not kidding.

You do have a little meter at the bottom that will descend rapidly, and that powerful bark you have makes it drop quicker. So you need to use your skills and brain to try to score the most points and eat the best you can to keep that meter up so you stay alive throughout the whole level. You’ll need to get creative to juggle multiple things to nab those hot food items and big points to complete the levels. Each level, like most mobile games now, has a three bone (star) rating. You have some tasks to complete to receive one of these bones and you will need them to unlock levels further on. Some aren’t too bad, like hit two Dobermans with a single bottle of vodka. Others you’ll need to perform some impressive feats and still complete the level to get that bone.

The game plays so well, as I said before it’s simple, you just run, jump and bark. But there is a lot of skill involved. It will take a bit to master this game. Luckily the replay value and unlockables help you come back barking. There are characters to unlock, such as the” This is Fine” dog. You know the comic one casually sitting there in the room of fire. YUP him. The visuals are fun and the animations are smooth. The soundtrack fits the game so damn well too. It really is just a fun experience to be had.

This game is fun, damn challenging fun. Though it seems simple and goofy, it’s a fun action game with some meat on its bones. I would recommend picking up this tasty morsel.

Out now on PC, and consoles in Fall 2018.

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Note: GameOctane editor Jason Germino received a digital code from the publisher for the purpose of reviewing this game. Any code or product intended for reviews is distributed to the team to review and stream for our audience.

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+ Fun action game
+ Smooth gameplay and animations
+ Cute characters and more to unlock
+ Soundtrack seals the experience


- Can ramp up in difficulty fairly quickly
- Bad RNG can literally kill you

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Bottom Line

This game is fun, damn challenging fun. Though it seems simple and goofy, it's a fun action game with some meat on its bones. I would recommend picking up this tasty morsel. 

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