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RIVE Brings challenging gameplay to PS4/STEAM

by on October 8, 2016
Release Date

September 16th, 2016


Two Tribes


We were recently able to get our hands on a new game that is available now on both Playstation 4 and the STEAM Platform. RIVE is a metal wrecking, robot hacking shooter in a 360-degree shooter/platform hybrid that lets you choreograph a ‘dance of destruction’ in insanely spectacular battles and set-pieces. RIVE feels like the explosive games of yore, pumping megapixels in true 21st century style.

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RIVE Manages to have really clean and smooth flowing graphics and effects mixed with a really great soundtrack that takes me back to the good old days of side scrolling action space shooters. Throughout the game navigating the world in your Spidertank, you are also entertained by none other the talented voice of Mark Dodson from films such as Star Wars and Gremlins who plays as Roughshot a Spidertank Pilot.

Now while that sounds like all fun and games, there is a catch. This has to be one of the more challenging games I have played this year. I was stumped a bit at first that upon loading the game, I was only presented with the option of “Hard Mode”. It turns out that was not a mistake, that was indeed hard mode and the only option they give you. The game itself is fun, but to an occasional gamer like myself, it makes it quite challenging almost to the point of no longer wanting to play it.

Down the road I would hope to see some more levels of difficulty opened up. RIVE is currently out now on both PSN for Playstation 4 as well as STEAM on the computer platform. Check out the links below for more information.


Playstation Store: RIVE for PS4



Great visuals and Graphics
Rocking Soundtrack
Controls are easy to remember


Difficulty level has set the bar really high for the more casual gamer.

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Bottom Line

Overall, if you are looking for that next game to push your limits as a gamer and grind away at something challenging and love space shooters then RIVE is your game.

For the casual gamers out there you may want to hold off or try it at a friends before making the purchase.

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