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Revita First Impressions

by on July 9, 2021

Benstar has been hard at work creating Revita. Now in early access is this challenging retro shooter worth a look? Read on to find out.

At it’s core Riveta is a dead souls styled arena shooter. Think mega man meets Doom with a more complex control scheme. Each area is sectioned off in floors. When you meet the requirements of that room an elevator opens to take you to the next floor. Along the way you will find places to pray for power ups and bosses among the challenge rooms. Nothing overly complex in design but you’ll find yourself struggling while figuring out how to be more fluid in controlling the protagonist.

The controls themselves, to be more specific, leave me wishing for something more intuitive and ergonomic. the recommended layout is twin stick aiming and movement with heavy use of the shoulder buttons. this won’t be fun if you happen to own an xbox style controller for those looking for an extended play session. That said I’m also unsure how to make the games current gameplay work with a traditional controller that isn’t sony branded. Luckily you can use keyboard and mouse as well which works decently.

Art style and music is wonderful. I did find the music though quite a fair bit muted though (for an aside I tend to test audio using both audiophile and more affordable options in speakers and headphones. Revita only truly sang for me using mid grade or higher headphones.) It would be nice if the mixing for this games audio got boosted in future releases as it’s really quite good and has complexity that rivals cd quality retro consoles.

One thing I want to point out is Revita has an astounding amount of customization in it’s options screen. Just about anything you can think of can be custom tailored to your likes and I mean everything. controls, text speed, visual effects… it’s all there alongside a specific area for accessibility which is so robust I’d wager Revita will be able to cater to most players. Truly a shining beacon that all developers should strive for.

I had a lot of fun with this game. I think with a little time and polish Revita will be a fine addition to any retro gamer’s collection.

*This game was provided to Game Octane for free. All opinions held within are solely the author’s.

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