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Review – Worms W.M.D

by on August 23, 2016
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August 23rd, 2016


Team 17 Digital Limited



Hey everyone!  Ryan and Noel are here with GameOctane’s review of Team 17’s Worms W.M.D!  Is the newest addition to the franchise worth your time?  Check out our thoughts below!!


Ryan The Worms franchise has been around since the mid 90’s, bringing fans many hours of humor and mayhem.  For the most part, the Worms series has been pretty steady with it’s gameplay.  Thankfully, Worms W.M.D has added additional features to make this my favorite game of the series.

If you have not had the chance to play a Worms game, let me tell you the basic concept.  You control a group of worms with a certain set of skills.  Each worm has access to a variety of weapons with the task of destroying a group of enemy worms.  Each level has different landscapes that you must jump and crawl across within the time limit.  Each worm takes a turn, and whoever is left standing is the winner!

Team 17 has done a phenomenal job with how they updated the franchise in this latest addition.  First, I noticed some minor tweaks to the graphics.  It still has high quality 2D graphics, but some subtle shading and color changes make the worms look a little more appealing to the eye.  The attention to the art design can also be seen in the customization options.  The colors look fantastic and there are a ton of different options when customizing your team.  While there are lots of options, I cannot stress enough the importance of buying the All-Star edition of Worms W.M.D.  The additional options from beloved games like Battletoads, Perfect Dark, Rocket League, and Saints Row (just to name a few) give you even more ways to create the best looking worms team.  Besides hats and masks, you can pick a particular voice and song for your team.  I am partial to the rapper voice, which spits hot rhymes after every turn.

The gameplay features some outstanding additions to the Worms franchise.  In Worms W.M.D, crafting is a new feature that brings more variety to your battles.  After you find crates of materials, you can use part of your turn to craft even more devastating weaponry.  The best part?  Crafting does not take up your entire turn!  In my playthrough, I would craft at the beginning of my turn, then use the rest of the time to try and destroy my enemy.  Your crafted item will be available upon your next turn.  It’s not very effective, but the farting sheep is my favorite craftable item (because…let’s face it…I love a good fart joke).  I absolutely love the crafting feature, and it is balanced really well in the game.

Vehicles and turrets have also been added to Worms W.M.D, and they are fantastic to use!  Tanks, Helicopters, and Mechs have different capabilities that can devastate the enemy.  Don’t worry about mobility, because tanks and mechs can jump and move as easily as a worm can.  I was worried that the vehicles would be overpowered, but the enemy can easily take over a vehicle when it is their turn, which creates a good balance in the gameplay.  Remember, vehicles can cause a lot of damage if you destroy them, so make sure you are clear of the blast radius!  If you are too close to a vehicle or turret, try and run inside a building.  Yes, that’s right, you can now go inside and navigate inside a building.  Hiding inside a building is a great way to catch your breath and re-strategize.

I had a really hard time finding a negative for Worms W.M.D.  If I had to give one, it would be the jumping mechanic.  It’s not bad, but you need to be careful of where you position your worm.  The slightest little bump in the terrain might throw you off and halt your forward momentum.  Again, it’s not necessarily a negative, but something to watch out for when you are moving into position.

Worms W.M.D has taking everything that I love about the franchise and added more features to love!  It is so satisfying and fun to play single player and multiplayer.  I definitely recommend you go buy a copy today!  I give Worms W.M.D an A.

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Noel – For me, growing up I was not really into the Worms franchise all that much to be honest. It was a game I honestly vaguely remember playing. Going into the new game within this long time and ongoing series, I must say that I am not only impressed but fully entertained on this new adventure that Worms W.M.D brings to the table.

Starting off the game, I decided to skip the tutorial which is typically not a good idea for one that does not know the game. However, when I started the game I was entertained immediately once presented with the control  options of two templates. Of course it took me a minute to realize my two options were exactly the same. For those starting off as beginners to the franchise like myself or long time veterans to the series, the controls are easy to learn being that you’re only options are to move, shoot, and jump. This leaves more time to just enjoy the game in all its glory rather than spending time worrying about a complex control system that takes time to learn.

Setting up my army of worms for the first time is always great. Pick a team name, rename the worms themselves, and last but not least do not forget to accessorize. Worms W.M.D def took accessorizing to a whole new level giving you options from voice changes, various types of hats, as well as reactions and death scene choices. Ever wanted to pick out your own grave stone when you die? You can do that in Worms W.M.D!

The multiplayer plays just as good as the single player. One great feature to point out in regards to Multiplayer is that it offers tons of options from Local Multiplayer, Online Multiplayer, and even Private Matches online with friends. This was a bonus for me because some games that offer Multiplayer will offer one type but not the other.

The one negative I could come up with for the game was the same in that of my fellow GameOctane team member Ryan’s. The jumping needs some work. As he had mentioned, getting bumped even the slightest will throw you off thus making it difficult to transfer from a lower to upper level platform. I feel that Worms W.M.D has a special place in the heart of this gamer. It is fun for all ages, and the built in achievements system will have gamers playing their favorite levels over and over again to meet all the requirements for those 100 percent completionist out there. Last but not least the well put together enhanced graphics along with entertaining character voices, comments, and seemingly endless options for ways to kill your opposing worm army will leave most gamers out there happy and satisfied. At the end of the day, you will be happy to look yourself in the mirror and repeat after me by saying “I Got Worms…”.


Crafting, crafting, crafting!
Addition of tanks, helicopters, and turrets
Tons of customization options
Updated graphics


Jumping can be a little challenging

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Bottom Line

This is easily the best entry in the Worms franchise. With the addition of crafting, vehicles, and some tweaks to the gameplay, Worms W.M.D is a must buy for any gamer. If you can, buy the All-Star edition for extra customization goodies!

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