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Review – The Witness

by on October 18, 2016
Release Date

Windows, PlayStation 4: January 26, 2016
Xbox One: September 13, 2016


Thekla, Inc.


Ever since the days of ‘Hugo’s House of Horrors’ (I know, dating myself a little), I’ve always had a love for these type of puzzle and adventure games. They always pissed me off to no end though. Sometimes you’d not think out of the box enough, other times you were over thinking the puzzle. Either way there was some satisfaction to completing a puzzle you’ve been stuck on allowing you to continue on your journey. The Witness is very similar to these puzzle/adventure games, and them some.

First off, this game is beautiful. Your eyes are instantly bombarded by bright glorious colors. I was awestruck upon entering the world. Bright colored leaves, and gorgeous landscape of the island was amazing to look at. Everything felt so clean, pure, and magnificent…until you get to the puzzles…that were created by the spawn of satan. Haha, kidding…But seriously.


These puzzles start off simple, just trace a line from point A to point B? Simple right? Yeah for the first bit. Then the puzzles evolve, they evolve into a mind wracking, yet greatly satisfying difficult puzzles that are themed to each area. Some you have to draw a line to separate black and white dots, some you have to use the environment behind the puzzle or the shadows on the puzzle created from trees above you. Damn does it get difficult. It definitely does my hat is off to the developers that created these puzzles. They are amazing, well thought, and well imagined. Nothing is explained to you, and there are some simple puzzles in the beginning of each area that progressively get harder as you move your way through-out the island.  That itself alone is a work of art. I will admit I did have to check the internet for a hint here and there but as always, figuring it out on your own is the most satisfying!

The exit to the first area, you can see the puzzle is blocked, time to go trace wires.

The exit to the first area, you can see the puzzle is blocked, time to go trace wires.

There really isn’t a set path to follow, as it is an open world. wandering around looking at all of the beautiful scenery was a treat in itself. Some areas used symmetry where you had to match a path according to the rocks behind you, some used tree branches and you had to trace a path behind them, one used colors that would change in different colored lights which would change the solution each time! My mind was blown each time I entered a new area. There were always a path to follow doing puzzles which usually included following cables laid about the ground once you solved a puzzle it would power the next puzzle. Once you completed an area, the last puzzle would open a laser tower and shoot a beam towards the top of a mountain, thus creating more mystery. (I don’t want to give too much away!)

This area is clear!

This area is clear!

Overall, this game is amazing! As a fan of puzzle and adventure games this hits that perfect spot of enjoyment. It was a beautiful experience that any puzzle fan should enjoy. The great thing is that its available on Xbox One, PC, and PS4! Definitely grab this one and be ready for some kick your ass puzzles!

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Down right gorgeous.
Puzzles are difficult yet satisfying.
The game gives you the drive to explore more


The puzzles are difficult to the point of casual games may get turned off
Not much replay once the game is completed.

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Bottom Line

This gorgeous game will wreck your brain but leave you wanting to continue this amazing journey.

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