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Review: The Jackbox Party Pack 3 (Switch)

by on May 8, 2017
Release Date

April 13th, 2017 (Switch)


Jackbox Games


If any of you take the time to watch streaming content, then you no doubt know about Jackbox Games.  Jackbox Games has developed party games for many years now, with many of the games being played by audiences world wide.  The games themselves are very fun and great for quick, but interactive entertainment.  Now, Jackbox Games has released The JackBox Party Pack 3 for the newest portable hit, the Nintendo Switch.  So how does it play on the Switch?

For those of you who are unaware, the Jackbox Party Pack 3 contains five games for your enjoyment.  If you have not played them, here is a quick synopsis on what you can expect –

  1. Quiplash 2 is a bigger, better version of the original, with more say-anything prompts and a new final round, The Last Lash.  3-8 players answer all new prompts or can answer prompts that you write, making it infinitely replayable.
  2. Trivia Murder Party challenges up to eight contestants to test their knowledge while being held captive by a hilariously unstable serial killer.
  3. Guesspionage is a game of percentages that asks up to eight players to guess the public’s answers to thought-provoking questions.
  4. Tee K.O. combines your artistic side with witty wordplay by turning drawings and slogans from up to eight players into hysterical T-shirts. And if you like a design, you can even buy it on a real shirt!
  5. Fakin’ It tasks up to six players with secret, ridiculous instructions, with the exception of one clueless player who must lie and cheat to avoid being discovered as “The Faker.”

Each game is very easy to play and gives you a lot of flexibility and options.  Everyone plays different, creating a new experience each time you play.  This is perfect for different age groups.  Younger kids will either answer seriously or with a silly answer.  As you can see from countless streams on Twitch, Beam, or Youtube, some players will answer with a more inappropriate phrase or word.  Again, this can a ton of laugh out loud moments.  I am a pretty big fan of Quiplash.  It’s fun, fast paced, and great for fun streams dedicated towards adult viewers.

An example of how GameOctane plays Quiplash

As you can see from the descriptions, up to 8 players can play the Party Pack.  They do so with their phones.  It’s a little weird to not be able to use the controllers to answer questions, but it is definitely faster too hook up your phone.  This can be a big downside to the Party Pack on the Switch.  A WiFi connection is necessary to play.  However, it can connect to a mobile hotspot and does not take up too much data.  Because you need WiFi, you won’t really get a true portable experience that I was hoping for.  Let’s be honest – you can find WiFi anywhere, so it’s not a huge negative.  I was just hoping for the opportunity to play without WiFi.  Or, if you happen to be at an event where WiFi is bogged down, I would have loved to see the option to play without it.

Again, this is not a huge negative because you can still get some portability by using the Switch.  With up to 8 players, you can still see the details on the screen with ease and the use of your phone means you don’t need to huddle around the Switch to see what’s going on.  Also, in case you didn’t know, Jackbox Party Games 3 has a fantastic Audience mode.  Let’s say you are at a big party with more than 8 people.  Your friends can still get involved in the action and choose outcomes that affect the game.  Up to 10,000 people can participate in the Audience mode.  I unfortunately do NOT have 10,000 friends to try this, but the small number that I played with had no problem accessing the mode and still had a great time.

Graphically, it looks nice on the Switch.  These games are not known for their graphics, so I didn’t expect anything to blow me away.  All that matters is the visuals are clear and you can see all the words just fine.  The music is nice and ads some flavor to the games.

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Jackbox Party Pack 3 is very entertaining and great to play with friends.  It fits extremely well with the Nintendo Switch’s portability.  I wish there was a way to play without WiFi, but the Party Pack won’t take up too much data if you use a mobile hotspot.  If you don’t have it yet, Jackbox Party Pack 3 is a great addition to the Switch library.

Jackbox Party Pack 3 is available now for $24.99 digitally or at your local retailer.  Let us know in the comments if you have the Party Pack for PC or console!

Note: GameOctane Editor Ryan Welch received a code for the purpose of reviewing this game. Any code or product intended for reviews is distributed to the team to review and stream for our audience.

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Bottom Line

Jackbox Party Pack 3 is very entertaining and great to play with friends. It fits extremely well with the Nintendo Switch's portability. I wish there was a way to play without WiFi, but the Party Pack won't take up too much data if you use a mobile hotspot. If you don't have it yet, Jackbox Party Pack 3 is a great addition to the Switch library.

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