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Review: Seasons After Fall

by on June 20, 2017
Release Date

September 2, 2016


Swing Swing Submarine


Seasons After Fall is a beautiful puzzle platformer with a fairly impressive story built in. Upon first starting the game I wasn’t sure what to expect. Was this going to be monotonous and boring or challenging? The answer is a little hard to explain right off the bat, but that isn’t a  bad thing. When I got though parts of the game it seems like this game I would be able to beat in one sitting, but then it got a bit complicated story wise.

You start off as a seed and through some story you posses a fox. Through the guidance of another seed you start to awaken the guardians. In doing so you gain the power of each season, Summer, Winter, Fall, Spring. Each of these powers directly affect the environment and you will have to rely on these powers to solve puzzles. Some puzzles will have you switch through-out all of the seasons just to move onto the next puzzle. This idea was fun and for example, in Spring, things will grow and water levels can rise, in Summer water levels fall, Winter, water freezes. After you get into the story a bit you start facing moral questioning parts in the story. Are you helping this seed with an evil alternative motive? Do the guardians have an alternative motive? This was refreshing as I was feeling very bored and expected the game to end much sooner.

The gameplay was fun and there was a little bit of backtracking in each area if you wanted to 100% the game. It felt fairly smooth with not too many issues movement-wise. I did run into a bug or two while playing on PC. I had to restart my save once and had to wander around in another part before the game triggered that I solved the puzzle already. Though frustrating, it wasn’t game breaking. The puzzles were fun and frustrating at time. They weren’t really difficult, it was more of damnit I need to use these two seasons then this season to get to this point then switch seasons to…it was that kind of though process that was needed through out the game. That frustration may have just been my brain not wanting to accept the fact that I had to do it. Haha. The last piece I wanted to say about the gameplay, is that there is a lack of tutorials. Some areas I was really confused and had to ask viewers in the Twitch chat if anything made sense. Some times it was just mess around until you stumble upon the solution. Another feature that would have been great would be a map. So many times I thought I was going the right way and ended up way off.

Visually it was great to watch and look at. Many viewers also commented on how the art style was and how they liked it. The soundtrack was also fairly awesome and fit the game well. I really enjoyed how the game moved and felt playing. The animations were fun to watch and the changes through out each season was a joy to look at. The environments were bright and detailed, and were very welcoming and helped to pull you deeper into the story.

Overall Seasons After Fall is a fun game to play. Though there are some issues that I ran into, I did enjoy playing it and getting wrapped up in the story was good enough to continue pressing forward.

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+ Beautiful environments and artwork
+ Decent story to pull you into the setting
+ Puzzles aren't quick and mindless


- Some gameplay bugs
- No major direction is frustrating at times

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Bottom Line

Overall Seasons After Fall is a fun game to play. Though there are some issues that I ran into, I did enjoy playing it and getting wrapped up in the story was good enough to continue pressing forward.

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