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Review – Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days (Steam)

by on May 23, 2017
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May 18th, 2017


Big Star Games


It’s really tough to create a game based off of a beloved film classic.  I’m sure we all have distinct memories of watching Mr. Blonde dance and cut of the officer’s ear for the first time.  I still joke to this day about leaving tips.  With the release of Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days, I want to try and review the game on it’s own merits.  It will be difficult, especially as I talk about the characters and dialogue in the game.  But you can’t measure the game to it’s movie counterpart.  It’s considered a classic for a reason.  Comparing the game to the movie will leave you frustrated and change how you view the game in general.  So for this review, I will try and focus solely on how the game functions as is and attempt to leave any movie bias out of the review.

Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days puts you in the shoes of Mr. White, Pink, Brown, Blonde, Orange, and Blue.  You task is to steal as much money as you possible can.  Is it simple?  Absolutely not.  Through 18 heists, you will be put to the test as you steal and shoot your way out of sticky situations.  You can expect a variety of heists, but the basic concept is used for each heist – pick your crew, get the money, and don’t let anyone get in your way.

Each character has specific stats that are beneficial during each heist.  Mr. Brown, for example, has a weak steal stat, so stealing will take him longer than someone else.  However, he is stronger and can take more damage.  The team you choose will be critical to how you survive each heist.  In my opinion, none of the characters are overpowered, so you have to choose wisely.

As you go through each heist, you will have access to a variety of weapons.  Ammo is pretty limited, so you will need to pick up melee weapons and guns off of fallen enemies.  Early heists can be completed with a pistol, but automatic weapons are essential to later, more difficult heists.  Be careful – if any of your teammates fall, then you will have to restart from the last checkpoint.

The big mechanic that is featured in Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days is the Time Rewind.  The idea behind the Time Rewind is pretty sound.  You rewind time to control different team members.  As you play the team leader, a timer will start in the bottom right corner.  A push of the space bar will rewind time.  Based on how long you played as team leader, you will have that many seconds to play the other team member.  The mechanic can also help in tough situations.  If you are running low on health, switch to someone else so you can give your team leader some help.

Now this mechanic is really tough to work through.  You have to be mind full of your surroundings and time.  Let’s say you rewind time after 5 seconds.  You better get everything done with the other member of the team in 5 seconds, otherwise it switches back to the team leader.  And if you were out in the open when you switch back, then heaven help your other teammate, for they will stand there and most likely get shot.

I think that is the most frustrating part of the mechanic.  Your teammates just stand there!  I would have loved to see some kind of AI that can at least help your non controlled teammate survive by either taking cover or shooting enemies.  But unfortunately, that is not the case.  It is really tempting to go Rambo through the enemies with the team leader, but most doors need your entire team to stand together in order to open.  So you take out the enemies with one guy, then rewind time and hope that you don’t mess anything up as you control the other teammates.  This can occur when you start shooting with the second teammate and the cops come after you.  Your team leader will still go through the motions and he may not hit a thing because the enemies are now diverted towards your newly controlled character!

For a game that relies heavily on the Time Rewind mechanic, it is unfortunate that it doesn’t work very well.  I understand that you want to set yourself apart, but it just doesn’t work the way we need to.  It makes the game harder and more frustrating than it needs to.

Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days has a top down viewpoint, so don’t expect incredible graphics as you play.  Sure, cops and security guards will die in a huge pool of blood and the gore graphics are just fine.  However, the plain looking enemies and civilians are pretty generic as is the setting of each heist.  I personally thought the caricatures of the characters were fun.  I think it would have bugged me more if they looked too close to their movie counterparts.  You won’t find the actual Reservoir Dogs soundtrack in this game (I can’t imagine how much that would cost to include it).  You also won’t find voice acting, just written dialogue that is a mix of movie quotes and written dialogue just for the game.  The dialogue can be hit or miss.

Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days is a Steam game, so it does play a little buggy.  I personally didn’t find any game breaking bugs, but I did see some stories online, so proceed with caution.  Hopefully, the game will receive updates, and if any update changes anything, we will make sure to add notes to the review and share it with you.  The controls are standard keyboard controls.  I had difficulty at first, but that is because I don’t play many PC games.  Any PC gamer won’t have any trouble controlling the characters in Bloody Days.

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As a game, Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days tried to make a standard heist game different with the introduction of Time Rewind.  Unfortunately, the mechanic is more frustrating than it needs to be.  This bogs down the game and makes the experience more frustrating.  I have hopes for the future because it can be updated easily on Steam (without going through the long process on a console).  However, as is, Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days is a frustrating experience with little else to help make it stand out among other heist games.  At this point, it might be time to just let Reservoir Dogs be a classic movie instead of a gaming franchise.

Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days is available now on Steam for $14.99.


Note: GameOctane Editor Ryan Welch received a code for the purpose of reviewing this game. Any code or product intended for reviews is distributed to the team to review and stream for our audience.

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Features dialogue from the movie
Easy controls
Heists are challenging


Time Rewind is frustrating
No AI to help your teammates survive
Character models are generic except for the main crew

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Bottom Line

Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days is a frustrating experience with little else to help make it stand out among other heist games. At this point, it might be time to just let Reservoir Dogs be a classic movie instead of a gaming franchise.

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