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Review – Rain World

by on May 14, 2017
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March 28th, 2017




The last time we brought everyone some information about Videocult’s Rain World, Noel and I just left Playstation Experience and had an exclusive interview with James of Videocult. You can find the article and video here: Rain World PSX Exclusive. That was back in December. Guess what, now Rain World has been released and damn is it good.

To start off, Rain World isn’t a game that everyone will enjoy unfortunately, and that is a shame. Rain World is brutally gorgeous and an unforgiving world that continues to amaze and throw surprises at you along your journey. You play a slugcat, yes…a slugcat. You were separated from your family in a massive flood. You must hunt for food and shelter in between the razor sharp rain that will basically fill up the map and drown you if you do not find a shelter before the water finds you first. So what exactly is the point of the game? Survive, survive before almost damn near everything in the game tries to kill you. If its not the rain, it’s the other creatures that inhabit this world. There are lizards that love the taste of slugcat, plants will kill you, drowning in a pool of water, creatures in the water. Hell these creatures will even fight each other! Some times watching the environment interact with each other is a treat in itself…as long as you stay out of the way. But here’s an added challenge, not all of the same type of creature (For example: the lizard has multiple colors each lizard could be, green, red, etc) act the same way. Some can be more passive, some more aggressive, some can climb while others cannot, but each one will still try to eat your face off. You do have options to defend yourself, spears, rocks and other items can be thrown at creatures, some times they will leave you alone, some times you’ll just piss them off. Pro tip: use the environment to your advantage, you can bait other creatures to take care of the one trying to make you it’s meal.

The world is set up with rooms each room is it’s own mini level. Each room is connected with small pipes that you (as well as other creatures) can travel between each one. Some rooms have mini tunnels within the level that can take you across the room or to a different elevation of the level to reach another tunnel to a different level. Luckily the map you can pull up keeps track of where you’ve been and the different shelters you’ve been to. I don’t want to get too spoilery, but different shelters have different symbols that will allow you to unlock other areas if you find its corresponding gate. Each room has you (as the player) scan it quick trying to find ways out if shit hits the fan, looking for food, looking for enemies…basically a way not to die.

The graphics work so well with this game, inspired by 16-bit games, the characters and background just add to the whole experience. it never felt like I was in the same area twice, and it drove me to keep finding what new areas looked like and what dangers lied ahead. I wish there was more of a soundtrack within the game. But thinking back on my experience, the lack of a soundtrack allowed the environment and the nature of the game take over.

But let’s not beat around it, this game is damn hard and unforgiving…but also so damn well done. I can only hope the right crowd of gamers find this game. It truly is remarkable. Is it perfect? No. But I highly recommend it, if you aren’t sure on it. Wait for a sale then grab it just to experience the difficulty and how this game makes you think a bit differently than others.

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Note: GameOctane Editor Jason Germino received a code for the purpose of reviewing this game. Any code or product intended for reviews is distributed to the team to review and stream for our audience.

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+ Challenging and thought provoking gameplay
+ Beautiful yet unforgiving environment
+ A welcomed experience not found in may games today
+ I now want a slugcat


- Game is DAMN difficult and unforgiving
- Challenge may turn away from gamers
- Minor bugs, but update fixed many issues.

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Rain World isn't a game that everyone will enjoy unfortunately, and that is a shame. Rain World is brutally gorgeous and an unforgiving world that continues to amaze and throw surprises at you along your journey.

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