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Review – Quantum Break

by on May 13, 2016
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Remedy Entertainment


April 5th, 2016


Nostalgia can be a wonderful thing.  I love when a game brings me back to a simple time in gaming – a time when the story and characters were the number one focus.  We didn’t worry about multiple game modes, multiplayer experiences, servers, customizable costumes and skins.  The single player experience was enough to drive us to throw down our hard earned cash in exchange for several hours of immersion in another world.  Quantum Break, the new game from Remedy Entertainment, took me back to that simpler time.  The team that brought you Max Payne and Alan Wake has created another wonderful experience – a story involving time and the consequences when manipulating it.

The story centers around Jack Joyce (Shawn Ashmore), who visits his friend Paul Serene (Aiden Gillian) for a demonstration of a revolutionary piece of technology – a working time machine.  Paul, along with Jack’s brother William (Dominic Monaghan), developed this technology.  Spoiler Alert – the demonstration does not go as planned.  Shocking, right?

As you play through the game, Jack will discover that he has the ability to manipulate time.  This critical discovery is a core element to the game.  Without it, this may be a typical third person shooter.  However, the time manipulation creates really fun moments during chaotic action sequences.  You can slow time around a specific area.  You can speed yourself up to knock over an enemy.  The game has platforming sequences that will require you to manipulate time.  I thoroughly enjoyed the combination of time manipulation and shooting.  The cover system was a little weak.  I personally prefer a button that automatically has you stick to an area to protect you from bullets.  In Quantum Break, you run for cover and hope you stick in a way that protects you and allows you to defeat enemies.  The graphics are typical Xbox One graphics – high quality, but may look better depending on your PC specs.

There are a few other aspects that I personally enjoyed.  Throughout the game, there are areas in the environment that you can manipulate that will change little things about the story.  The results of this manipulation will cause little things to change in the game, like character conversations.  These were fun to find without the hassle of find tons of collectables.  Another very enjoyable part of the game was the Episodes.  Between each act, an episode will play that provides an in-depth look at some supporting characters and their adventures while the main story is progressing.  There is a high quality look to them, and it almost feels like it could easily be broadcast on network television.  Be warned – it’s a 75gb download!   However, I can’t imagine playing the game without them.



Engaging Story
Fun use of time manipulation
Episodes are an added bonus to the game!


Weak cover system
Need to clear a lot of storage room

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Bottom Line

Quantum Break is another win for Remedy Entertainment. Solid story, good action, fun time powers, and additional story details through the episodes make this an enjoyable gaming experience.

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