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Review – Neurovoider (PS4)

by on May 4, 2017
Release Date

Steam (Aug 31, 2016)
PlayStation 4 (March 15, 2017)
Xbox One (March 17, 2017)
Nintendo Switch (Coming 2017)


Flying Oak Games


Created by Flying Oak Games Neurovoider is a twin-stick shooter based in a cyber futuristic world where you are a brain that breaks out of its containment and takes over a robot. What’s the idea of the game? The evil robots are partying and a lone robot wants you to start wrecking everything that moves to get out. As you battle through each level some robots will drop parts and scraps to enhance your robot to your liking and play style. Each level is different each time and every play through will never be the same. Oh and we cannot forget the epic soundtrack from the amazing Dan Terminus, the music fits the game so perfectly and helps seal the experience. Interested? Lets move on.


The game itself if fairly simple, shoot robots, blow stuff up, get parts from robots to make yours better, then continue kicking more ass until you get to the end. Then it gets deeper. You have three choices of levels to choose from before you start laying down the hammer on these robots. Each one is different and ranked three different ways with five levels on each way; Size, Elites, Loot. The more levels that are in each ranking will depend on what you face in the level. Not very strong? Maybe you want a level with less Elites coming to kick your ass. Need more parts and scraps? Aim for higher loot levels. Trying to power through the game fast, Get a smaller sized map. It’s all up to you. Now sometimes you have an option to choose a special level. These can be horde-like levels where there are literally robots everywhere or a timed self destruct level where you need to complete it within a certain time frame. Though much tougher, you will get higher rewards in completing these levels. The game also really shines in the local multiplayer. Team up with 3 of your buddies and blow everything up together. Though it lacks online multiplayer, the local is really fun.

Coming off of the multiplayer idea, not every robot you choose is the same, in fact there are 3 different base robot classes to choose from. Dash, which is a faster little robot that can dash around. Rampage, which is a offense like robot that can really lay down the damage. Lastly, Fortress, which is more defense based and can create a shield around itself. You can choose your play style really well with these three robots, and if you bring your friends along you can build off of each others strengths and weaknesses for a better chance of survival. You also get to choose a perk for your robot, there are a lot to choose from, from healing or passive perk such as only getting loot that will fit your robot.

Now through out each level your main goal (in the non special levels) is to destroy the reactors then move onto the next level. Depending on the size of each level you may have more reactors than others. Now onto the loot and making your robot more bad ass. Many robots and Elites will drop items, health, and scrap. Scrap is in theory the in-game currency and is needed to do upgrades and repair your robot as you may not recharge all of your health depending on how much damage you took at the end of the level. If there are parts you cannot use or do not want, you can scrap them. If there are parts you want to attach, you do so at the end of each level. The parts are ranked and colored similar to your favorite RPGs i.e. green, blue, orange, etc. The fun part is that when the items get more epically named. For example you can get “double twin-plasma shotgun of father doom” and other fun titles that will make you smile like an idiot.

Overall, Neurovoider is a blast to play. The customization, the small panic attacks you get in an enemy filled room, the music all fit very well in this twin-stick shooter. Though lacks in online multiplayer, it makes up in customization depth and procedural levels to not make it so repetitive. At a $13.99 price tag I would definitely pick this up if you’re into this genre and have a buddy or two to play with.

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+ Fun chaotic gameplay
+ A ton of customization for each robot
+ Procedural created levels keep it fresh
+ Local co-op is pretty damn fun
+ Epic soundtrack wraps up the experience
+ Daily runs that ranks you against the world


- No online multiplayer
- No major story to pull you through the levels

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Bottom Line

Neurovoider is a blast to play. The customization, detailed artwork, and the soundtrack all fit amazingly in this twin-stick shooter. Though lacks in online multiplayer, it makes up in customization depth and procedural levels to not make it so repetitive. At a $13.99 price tag I would definitely pick this up if you're into this genre and have a buddy or two to play with.

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