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Review – Mario Party Star Rush

by on December 15, 2016
Release Date

November 4, 2016




Mario Party Star Rush is Nintendo’s latest installment in the Mario Party series. It’s got a slew of new game modes and mini games, and it’s definitely a blast to play, whether you’re playing multiplayer or going solo!

Mario Party Star Rush has us moving around the board in a way that we haven’t done before. It’s everybody’s turn, all at the same time! Everybody rolls their dice block, and decides where they move around the board. The board isn’t the semi-linear path we have come to know, however. It’s a huge grid, and each player gets to decide exactly how to move their character. Landing on “!” spaces will give you items, you can pass through coins along the way, and landing directly on a boss space begins the big boss battle! It’s very fast-paced and lots of fun. A new take on the Mario Party gameplay was just what we needed, and Nintendo has delivered this time around!

There are a few new game play modes, my favorites being Balloon Bash and Coinathlon. Balloon Bash is similar to the regular gameplay mode, but with coin and star balloons dispersed throughout the board. Passing through a balloon will score you coins, or stars (in exchange for your coins, of course), and if a player pops a balloon on any turn there’s a minigame at the end of the turn! It’s that simple, and so much fun. Adding amiibo to this gameplay mode will give you a special item at the beginning of your game!

The Coinathlon is probably the most fun and fast-paced Mario Party mode I’ve ever played. There’s just an oval track with several blue spaces on it, and the game randomly selects three minigames that the players will play on a loop with increasing difficulty. Each coin earned during the minigames moves your character a space around the track, and the first to complete the determined amount of laps wins. It’s a race in real-time, and it gets very competitive. Adding amiibo figures to this mode makes for even more competition, because using an amiibo for the coinathlon allows the player to pick up double the items!  Items you pick up during the game will sabotage your opponents, so don’t worry, this Mario Party game will destroy just as many friendships as its predecessors.

One if its best features is its download play capabilities for multiplayer. A whole group can play with only one full copy of the game, which makes it easy on the wallet for those with a family full of players. With new, creative minigames and addicting, fast-paced gameplay modes, Mario Party Star Rush is definitely a great title to add to any 3DS library!

You can grab Mario Party Star Rush NOW for the Nintendo 3DS and 2DS!

What do you think? Did you play Mario Party Star Rush? What was your favorite gameplay mode? Let us know in the comments below!


Fun for both Single Player and Multiplayer
New, fun minigames
Addicting and fast-paced new gameplay modes
Useful amiibo support


Not enough difficulty for adult or veteran players

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Bottom Line

Mario Party Star Rush is definitely a step above the last Mario Party installment. It's a lot of fun, and with the download play functionality it's worth the money to purchase for the family to play all together.

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