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Review – Carmaggedon: Max Damage

by on July 11, 2016

As I completed my first race, I got my first achievement for Stainless Game’s Carmaggedon: Max Damage.  It read “Batwick Will Be… Disappointed.”  I disappointed someone by winning a race?  After playing more of the game, I realized that Carmaggedon: Max Damage is more than just racing laps.  It’s all about the carnage that you can inflict while racing.

This is a re-imagining of the classic Carmaggedon game that we played almost 20 years ago.  The story is about…..well, it revolves around….um….ok, there basically is no story.  We get a tiny bit of info about the characters in the select car screen, but it is a couple sentences scrolling at the top of the select car screen in the Career Mode.  But the lack of story may have been intentional.  You could say that the main characters of the game are the cars themselves.  Each of the cars (over 30 of them!) are unique and give you customization options.  The more you play in Career Mode, the more you will unlock for your garage.  Each car has some stats to watch out for.  Some game modes may require the use of a faster, lightweight car while others may require the heavy tank or monster truck.

Career Mode features over 60 events.  There are 6 modes that will interchange throughout these events.  The Classic Carma event is really fun because you can choose how you want to play.  You can be lame like me and win the race by going through the designated checkpoints and completed the required laps.  Or, you can do what the game wants you to do – DESTROY!!  You have the option to either wreck all of the other racers or take out a specific number of pedestrians.  I found the pedestrian option to be a little more challenging because they are not in one single place.  You need to drive around and find them all.  Both options offer a lot of carnage and are a ton of fun.

Besides Classic Carma, there are other fun modes to try out.  You have the classic deathmatch event called Car Crusher.  You can play the Death Race and steal laps away from your opponent by wrecking them.  The other modes can be pretty crazy.  Checkpoint Stampede requires you to get to collect checkpoints all over the level.  The checkpoints will spawn in different locations as you collect them, so you will need to watch your map.  Pedestrian Chase and Fox N Hounds are my favorite modes.  Pedestrian Chase gives you a specific pedestrian target to kill, while Fox N Hound places one car as the fox and requires the other cars to chase the fox down!  All of these game modes are a lot of fun with friends or online.  I prefer to play with people instead of AI, which can be a little frustrating depending on the game mode.


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There are definitely positives and negatives with Carmaggedon’s gameplay.  A couple key features stands out to me.  If you struggle with the game or get damaged easily, do not worry!  One press of a button allows you to fix your car by spending the credits/points that you earn throughout the race.  Repairs don’t cost a done of credits and you can easily earn more by hitting yellow barrels, performing stunts, wrecking cars, and hitting pedestrians.  Basically, if you create carnage, you will always have enough credits to repair your car.  I was worried that my opponent can just repair quickly and I wouldn’t have the chance to finish wrecking him or her.  Luckily, it is balanced enough to keep things fair.  There are still chances to finish the job, even if your opponent is trying to repair.  Another nice feature is the abundance of power ups in the game.  Power ups can be used against cars or pedestrians with devastating results.  There are power ups littered all over the map to help you out.  Unfortunately, controlling the vehicle can be difficult.  Turning the vehicle at high speed is really tough and you spin out a lot.  Make sure to use the brake, handbrake, and take your foot off the gas if you want to make a tight turn.

If you are looking for a multiplayer experience with a ton of wreckage and carnage, then this is a great option for you.  Even though controlling the car can be frustrating at times, there are a lot of modes and customization options that make this game a lot of fun.  The price point is cheaper than your typical retail game ($39.99), so it is an affordable option for having fun with friends.

Are you planning on picking up Carmaggedon: Max Damage?  Let us know in the comments below!!


*Fun game modes
*Lots of vehicles and customization options
*One button repairs on your vehicle
*So many things to destroy!!


*driving mechanics are sluggish and frustrating
*How about a little story?

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Bottom Line

For the price, Carmaggedon: Max Damage is a fun car wrecking experience that can be shared with friends. Despite the difficult driving mechanics, this game offers many features and amusing experiences.

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