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Review – 100ft Robot Golf w/PSVR Support

by on October 27, 2016
Release Date

October 10th, 2016


No Goblin


If you love golf and robots, then this is the perfect game for you. 100ft Robot Golf brings you exactly what it sounds like. With various modes of game-play which also supports both online and local multiplayer, you and your friends can lay waste to several styles of golf courses ranging from all over the world and even to outer space. Going into the game, I expected some type of epic cockpit view of your chosen robot for a great FPV of playing golf. While disappointing that it was not that, and yet a third person view, I understood why they went this route.

By doing it this way, it allows a quicker ease of controls figuring out where your shot is going to be aimed at. The other key part that this view also helps with is that you are given a timer for each turn. During this timer count down you are allowed to do whatever you want that basically allows you to destroy anything in sight that is blocking the path between you and the green.

The multiplayer aspect is pretty fun as well given that instead of a turn based style setup, it is basically a free for all for you and your friends to take your shots and clear objects and/or buildings out of the way. The game itself also supports both a regular PS4 gameplay as well as support for the PSVR Headset. We also were happy to see that gamers both in VR and local to the same playing system that are not in VR can still play together.

One special Easter Egg if you will to point out is that No Goblin has went ahead and payed homage to the legendary Pierce Washington from Saints Row with his very own robot!!

Meet Pierce: 


100ft Robot Golf also features some fairly entertaining commentary by the McElroy Brothers, find out more about the at

The soundtrack to the game was done really well also and keeps that toe tapping to the beats throughout the gameplay experience.

For more information on 100ft Robot Golf, head over to their website at

Don’t forget to check out our personal experience with 100ft Robot Golf in the video below…

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Easy controls
Multiple options for Multiplayer (Local and Online)
Both Standard PS4 and PSVR Support


Gameplay after awhile may tend to get boring and outplayed

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Bottom Line

Overall, 100ft Robot Golf is a fun game that is good for Single player or play with friends both online and offline. Robot Golf also support for both PS4 and PSVR, so while added fun with PSVR, the VR Headset is NOT required. If you are a fan of arcade style golf games with added ability to destroy anything in site, then this is your game.

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