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Review – 1, 2 Switch

by on March 14, 2017
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March 3rd, 2017




When the Wii was launched, it was packaged with Wii Sports.  It was arguably one of the best experiences that showcased how the Wii works and the fun that can be had with motion controls.  When the world found out about motion controls on the Switch, we were curious about how Nintendo intended to showcase it’s capabilities and show how it will be used.  With 1, 2 Switch, Nintendo showed that they have refined the motion control process and gave us a quality game that is a must have for Switch owners.

1, 2 Switch is advertised as a face to face party game, and it accomplishes that feat in a very fun way.  In 1, 2 Switch, you don’t need to worry about looking at a screen.  You receive your instructions on screen, then face each other to battle it out.  For me, this gave a whole new aspect of fun.  I had a blast making faces at my kids as we prepared for the mini game.  Some of the mini games are perfect for face to face interactions.  The wild west duel and samurai showdown are one of the first games you play that brings a whole new aspect of gameplay while facing each other.  Any facial reactions or sudden movements might make your opponent miss catching the samurai sword or make them draw their weapon too early in the western duel.  I really hope that face to face games can become a regular option in future party games.

As you know, the Switch can be played practically anywhere, and the helps 1, 2 Switch a great deal.  You can be on a plane, in the park, or at a friends house and play the Switch.  Just use the kickstand and joy cons and play as long as you want!

There are 28 mini game to choose from.  At the start of the game, you will have six games to show you basic controls.  After you play a few of them, you will then have access to all of the game.  Each game has a video that is played at the beginning to show controls and how to play.  Once it plays through, you get control and play against an opponent.  Don’t expect any long mini games.  Each of these games range from one to three minutes in length.  I can see why they made it this way, but I was hoping for some longer experiences.  Perhaps some DLC will add some more games because right now, I can imagine many players getting bored after 30 minutes of play.

I want to take a moment and talk about the Joy Cons.  I have mentioned this in a different review, but I want to express how accurate the Joy Cons are when it comes to your movements.  As someone who was extremely frustrated with Wii Remotes, I love the design and functionality of the Joy Cons.  Kudos to Nintendo for improving on the technology!  In a game that relies on motion control, it is really helpful to have great hardware that functions well.

Graphically, 1, 2 Switch looks nice.  The beginning tutorials are funny in a very cheesy way.  The facial expressions and acting are pretty funny to watch.  Despite it being cheesy, the actors do a great job of selling each game and getting everyone excited.  The art design uses a nice blend of effects and real actors, so I enjoyed that a lot.  The sound quality is very nice as well.  It’s not going to blow you out of the water like high end PC graphics or other console graphics, but it does look nice.

I think we need to talk about the price.  I mentioned Wii Sports in the beginning of this review for a reason – it was included with the Wii console.  I think it is a huge mistake to not include 1, 2 Switch with the main console.  From a business standpoint, including the game would have probably bump the price of the Switch up.  But why is the game itself so pricey?  $50 is a lot of money to ask for mini games.  $20-$30 would have been a much better price point.

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1, 2 Switch is a ridiculously fun party game in short spurts.  The price point really hurts, but the idea of a face to face party game is something that I would like to see in future party games. There are a lot of games to choose from, but they are all fun in their unique way.  Except for the cow milking game…..that one is just weird.

1, 2 Switch is available now for $49.99.  Have you picked it up yet?  Let us know your favorite mini game in the comments below!


Note: This review was created with a purchased copy of the game.  

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Bottom Line

1, 2 Switch is a ridiculously fun party game in short spurts. The price point really hurts, but the idea of a face to face party game is something that I would like to see in future party games.

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