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Re:Legend launches on Kickstarter today!

by on July 26, 2017

Words cannot express my level of hype for Re:Legend. I wrote about the game earlier this month here if you’d like to read more about this Co-op monster raising experience. So I stormed Kickstarter this morning with credit card in hand to back Re:Legend as soon as it went live. The Kickstarter went live this morning on July 26th with a goal of around $51,000 USD, and well raise funds over the next month. As of this evening their Kickstarter sits at about seventy five percent funded. And Magnus Games, the developers, had even more new to tell us on this special day that excited the pants right off me.

Magnus Games is thrilled to announce its collaboration with legendary composers Shota Nakama, founder of the Video Game Orchestra and best known for his work on Final Fantasy XVFalk Au Yeong, a veteran whose portfolio includes audio work on film and anime as well as video games, and Yoshitaka Suzuki, who has contributed to several epic franchises like Metal Gear Solid and Final Fantasy. Visit the Re:Legend Kickstarter page for an updated gameplay trailer, a word from the composers, and to listen to three sample tracks

So not only will the game be amazing, but the soundtrack will be slamming. Metal Gear and Final Fantasy have some of the most iconic pieces of music in gaming history so this is a big plus for Re:Legend. I advise you to go listen to the sample tracks on the kickstater page. Atmosphere is a huge part of these games and a soundtrack can really set the tone and make or break your experiences in the world.

So what can you get with you money from this kickstater? Well the lowest tier will steal you a digital Steam copy of the game plus a digital thank you from the team, backer exclusive wallpapers, and your name in the credits. This will cost you about twenty two hard earned american dollars. I cannot stress enough how much value that is for a game of this quality. But for thirty seven you can get all that plus an extra copy of the game for you and a friend. After all this is a co-op focused game. Thirty seven dollars isn’t bad at all for the quality of game we have seen so far. So,  I’d highly recommend if you want just the game to back at the Standard Duo level and hold that extra copy for a friend. Of course we have some digital collectors edition with digital art books and sound tracks for around forty usd. “But Matt!” you say from across the airwaves, “What if I want some physical swag!?” Well Mangus Games has you covered dear reader. For seventy three dollars you can get early beta access, all the digital collectors swag, AND A TINY STUFFED MOMOCHI (unicorn hamster) or DRACONEWT (blue dragon). You’re gosh damn right you want both! So the Master Tamer pledge is for you (and the level I pledged at). It comes with both adorable stuffed monsters, backer exclusive weapons and armor, two beta keys, two games keys, and all the other digital swag. This will cost you about one hundred usd, and with about another twenty dollars shipping, but the value is amazing. Two games and early access for about fifty bucks a piece plus cute as hell stuffed monsters. Of course there are higher tier pledges, like art books, become an npc, design a monster, and design a main story boss. These will all cost you a substantial more amount of cash, and if that kind of stuff interested you then go check out their kickstarter. I could never back a game for one thousand dollars, but if I could it would be this game. Check out the exclusive Kickstarter launch trailer and some new screen shots below, and remember to keep your eyes on GameOctane as we count down the days until Re:Legend can be in our hands.


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