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Re:Legend First Look!

by on July 13, 2017

I love cute co op games. Fantasy Life is one of my all time favorite games on the 3DS and the only reason I still keep that hunk of junk at the moment. I’ve played games like Harvest Moon since I could hold a controller.  So when I was smacked in the face with what is Re:Legend, I flipped my desk in excitement.

So what is Re:Legend? Well from what we’ve been told and shown it’s the best of a lot of really fun games. We have co op game play, village building, raising monsters, combat, fishing, mining, crafting, and exploring this magical island you woke up on. The monsters that inhabit the island are called Magnus. You can tame and befriend these wild Magnus which will really open up the island of Vokka to you. From helping you in a wealth of activities to carrying you across the island, loyal Magnus are the key to a prosperous life. The big draw for me is that this game is all co op. I dream of games like this. Fantasy life was so close to what I wanted, but fell short in the co op play functionality to make it radiate fun. But be able to build, explore, fight, and raise monsters with friends sounds like I’m living in a dream world. Re:Legends looks like it could be the best of most worlds. The aesthetic is bright and colorful and the gameplay looks great. Fighting alongside your monsters and friends while exploring the island for more materials to craft better items can be a gameplay loop I’d lose days to. Having a home base, and farm that I can build and maintain seems to give me enough options where the game wouldn’t get stale.

Key Features

  • Magnus taming and raising – All Magnus on Vokka Island are tameable and the way you raise them will determine how they grow
  • Extensive life skills and activities – Farming, fishing, mining, and crafting are just a few of the ways you can fund the development of your village
  • Co-operative local and online multiplayer – Join with up to three friends to speed up your domestic tasks or set out on a journey across the island together with your Magnus
  • Expansion and exploration – Build upgrades for your village and recruit NPCs to further develop Vokka Island
  • Character customization – A new life calls for a new you!

Now doesn’t that just get your blood flowing?! And look at the cute art style!  Re:Legends is coming to PC, and the developers plan on supporting Playstation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch. For me, this is huge news for the Switch.  I’ll have to track another one down for me and my wife to play this game together.  Re:Legends isn’t done just yet, you’ll have to wait to get your mitts on this.  But if you are as pumped for it as I am, you’ll be happy to hear that a Kickstarter campaign is launching Wednesday, July 26.  I will for sure be backing this project, so make sure to keep your eyes on GameOctane for more info leading up to the launch of Re:Legend!


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