Pwned by Amazon – Part 2, The email to customer service

by on March 5, 2017

My chat with Amazon today has made me VERY upset. I was lied to then offered a free month of Amazon Prime. Here is the email I sent to their customer service:

(If you would like to read the previous article you can find it here)

This is in regards to the Nintendo Switch shipping issues that have happened nation wide. I am very disappointed in Amazon’s choice to handle this silently and not come out and admit fault to this at all. I pre-ordered the Nintendo Switch on January 13th at around 1 something in the morning. I was so excited and expected this on launch or even the day before like some of my other Amazon pre-orders. But hundreds or thousands of people got denied this guarantee.

A couple of days before my order status never changed. I wasn’t too worried because I knew one of the distribution center isn’t to far away. One day before launch day, I see “Preparing for shipment”. I get excited, the hype is real. End of the day Thursday, the status is the same. Wake up launch day Friday the 3rd. Same status. I hop into chat in the morning. I am guaranteed that it will be here at 8 pm as it the status showed on the order. They told me to wait and I will get a shipping confirmation. So I do, relaying my trust into Amazon but no information on what distribution center was handling my request. If it wasn’t the ones that were close, there was no way that I would get this on time.

4 pm comes around on Friday and the status is the same. I hop back into the chat again. This time I am again reassured that it will get to me at 8 pm. It has not been shipped but it looks like the Tracy, CA distribution center is handling it. Ok that’s an hour away so its still possible to get it within the 4 hour window.

8:40 pm comes around. No package. No update. A couple of minutes go by. I get an email. Its shipped! Maybe the notices are delayed and it’s on the way and just taking a while because I know of other people having issues as well. Nope. The status now says it can come between Monday and Wednesday of the next week. This is where I get upset. Amazon as a company on their social media sites boasted that Amazon bookstores had them in stock. Someone off the street can just walk in and grab one to buy.

Doesn’t need to be a prime member.
Doesn’t need to pre-order the device over a month in advance to guarantee one like the description said.

There is another tweet from Amazon:

You can order a Switch on launch day, and get it within 2 hours. Not pre-ordered, just on a whim order a Nintendo Switch and get it within 2 hours…While hundreds if not thousands of people that pre-ordered it are watching their statuses and getting devastated that they put their trust into Amazon and not only are they not getting the product they have been waiting for. They are watching the company boast on how anyone can just come to the store or use Amazon Now and get one nearly instantly!

This is completely unacceptable.

The chat I had on 3/3/17 at night Was a decent chat. The associate said she was sorry and that the retail team were looking into it and that they would fix the issue and make it right. I finished my rant, apologized to the employee as it wasn’t her fault. I still felt angry and used by a company that in a pre-order, I tell them I want to buy this from you. Before it even goes on sale I am guaranteeing Amazon that you have my money and business. On the product page it was guaranteed that I will get it on launch day.

Today, 3/5/17 I got back into the chat after waiting a day to see if Amazon had anything to say about the situation. Social media from Amazon was silent and not an apology was in sight. This chat did not go well. I was told;

12:06 PM PST Niveditha: I will explain it for sure Jason
Please give me a moment
I am already in my way contacting carrier
12:09 PM PST Niveditha: Thankyou for your time Jason
Let me explain this for yu
12:09 PM PST Jason Germino: ok
12:10 PM PST Niveditha: As this is the pre order and the hot cup cake sale on amazon
12:11 PM PST Niveditha: there’s a huge demand of the item
We have tried our best to deliver the item on time
but My sincere apologies we couldnt

This made me angry. You’re going to explain that the pre-order was a ‘hot cup cake sale’. I explained the tweets, anyone could get them. Why is that people that preordered them that already paid are now waiting.

I was then told she contacted the carrier and that;

12:15 PM PST Niveditha: Please be assured that you will get the item today
12:15 PM PST Jason Germino: here is another tweet boasting
12:15 PM PST Niveditha: Please be assured of this
12:16 PM PST Jason Germino: How will I get it today. UPS does not work today
Today is sundat
How is this getting fixed
12:17 PM PST Jason Germino: How is that Amazon is trying to keep not only my business
But hundreds of others
12:17 PM PST Niveditha: I have contacted the carrier
12:17 PM PST Jason Germino: What carrier
12:18 PM PST Jason Germino: Because the tracking number looks like tomorrow
12:18 PM PST Niveditha: Uos
12:18 PM PST Jason Germino: It hasnt been touched in over two days

I was lied to saying that the carrier will deliver the item TODAY. Today is Sunday March 5th. UPS does not work on Sunday. So getting the item today is not even remotely possible.

That is when I lost it. Not only am I getting lectured on how this item is popular, but pre-orders really don’t seem to matter to Amazon, I am getting lied to that UPS will basically change policy for my order and ship on Sundays. If I did not know UPS did not work on Sundays I would have be absolutely LIVID if I was told this and it did not show up again on a promised day.

After all of this I was told that;

12:18 PM PST Niveditha: I trulyt understand your concern Jason
As a token of paology
12:19 PM PST Niveditha: I have extended your prime by one month Jason

Extending Amazon Prime in blatant honestly is absolutely worthless. Prime only helps the customer if they buy something. At this point I may never buy anything from Amazon again at how this is such a screw up from all angles. And by offering an extension of a service that I have to purchase items to get any use from is absolutely mind boggling. ‘Hey we know we messed up, here’s $10 in a service that you have to keep buying from us to receive the benefits of this service.’ That’s like giving a nun a condom, what use is it to them?

I am very disgusted with this whole situation. To be perfectly honest if I was told right up front, a day early, “Hey we are having some major issues, we apologize but we will continue to update you on your order”. Instead I have to continue to pry into this situation with no real response, get lied to, and then get a month to a service that really only benefits your company just kills me that I’ve never had any issues with Amazon and multiple times I have stood up for your company. Now the trust is ruined. Why would I ever pre-order something from Amazon again when there are other companies that seem to clearly handle large important launches without any hiccups?

I am expecting a response to this issue and better not be automated. I want a sincere response and explanation of if they systems were in short supply why they were readily available to people besides the people that went out of their way to, again from earlier, guarantee Amazon money for their guarantee on delivering upon release day. I also hope for a better resolution than a free month of prime, to expect to keep my future purchases.

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