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PSX Exclusive Preview – Shakedown: Hawaii

by on December 16, 2016

So before heading to Playstation Experience I was super stoked to be able to check this game out while we were there. Shakedown: Hawaii is created by Vblank Entertainment which created a game I fell in love with, Retro City Rampage. Alas I am not here to gush over RCR (I know I know). We’re here to talk about Shakedown: Hawaii! Shakedown: Hawaii takes the core gameplay of Retro City Rampage and cranks that shit up. You can swim now, you have crazier weapons, you can shoot from vehicles (Brian specifically mentioned using a flamethrower while driving.), and they’ve added a ton of areas and biomes to explore. The entire environment, besides buildings, are destructible. You know what that mean…chaos to the nth level. Visually expect the same beautiful 8-bit like game like in RCR, but with higher fidelity. This game looks gorgeous and detailed.

Story wise instead of having pop culture and video game references oozing everywhere, this will focus on you being a business owner and by end game you will own every property. One way of getting properties? Shakedowns of course. In the video below Brian gives an example of you shooting up cars in a parking lot making it more trouble for the current owner and making them want to sell it to you. But don’t think the humor and spoofing is gone, they take on corporations, ride shares among other things through out the game. You own a taxi company and ride shares move in on your turf, and jacking your business. So its up to you to damage their brand so customers decide to stay with your company. Brian also hinted at owning a Repo company later in the game, so you don’t really need to steal cars just go repo them.

This game is planning on being released in 2017. Brian couldn’t show us everything but he said the game will be even deeper than what we saw at PSX. If that’s the case we’re going to have another amazing game on our hands in 2017. Stay tuned here at GameOctane for up to date info on Shakedown: Hawaii…as well as giveaways!

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