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PSX Exclusive Preview – Ray’s the Dead

by on December 9, 2016

Ray’s the Dead (not to be confused with ‘Raise the Dead’) isn’t your good ol’ ass kicking zombie game. In fact it’s quite the opposite. In Ray’s the Dead, you play Ray who is himself a zombie. You start the game with numerous questions, why is Ray a zombie? How did he die? Why the hell is there a light bulb attached to your head?? These seem like legitimate questions right? These questions and more characters are learned through the gameplay. Now the gameplay is something we should mention. You aren’t just running around destroying things and eating brains causing mass chaos. You’re actually trying to be very stealthy, avoiding enemies and not wasting your zombie friends by getting them killed (again). As Ray you will control your zombie horde and you travel from level to level. If you lose a zombie friend, all is not lost. You can raise another zombie from a fresh grave site or a fallen enemy. One of the coolest aspects of the game is how you get your powers and backstory of the game. You gain them from flashbacks to when Ray was alive and going through a memory of the past. I really enjoyed that feature of the game. Please check out our exclusive interview with Chris Cobb, co-founder of Ragtag Studio to learn more of the features and check out the gameplay! You definitely want to keep an eye out for this game. It appears fun and simple on the surface but looks to bring some great story telling and characters as you play through the game. Stay tuned as we will keep everyone up to date with this game.

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